Sorry :(

Hey Everyone,

You all know me as freckledwarrior. Im sure that a lot of you are probaly mad at me for not being on very much. I am just super busy with school and homework and sports… its just so hard to juggle. Anyways, to make up for all this juggling… I made a survey for yall’! look below!


Fall Survey

1. What is your favorite thing about the fall? ________________________.

2. What is your favorite warm drink to have on a cold windy day? _____________________________.

3. Do you jump and play in the leaves, or do you stand by and cheer?___________________________________.

4. Are you  the kind of person who likes to go to fall football games or stay at home and hang with friends? ______________________________________.

5. What is your FAVORITE time of day on a gusty freezing day? ____________________________________________.


Ok, so that wasnt my BEST survey ever but i did my best. :I 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful fall, and scary halloween!




4 comments on “Sorry :(

  1. Karen Loves Animals says:

    Here are my survey answers 🙂
    1. Thanksgiving
    2. HOT COCOA!!!
    3. stand by and cheer
    4. stay home and hang out with friends
    5. morning

  2. Brent says:

    Sorry I’m so late in responding…. Here are my answers.
    1) My favorite thing is all of the fall colors!
    2) Hot Chocolate
    3) I jump in!
    4) I like both, but I think I might like going to the games better
    5) Hot showers :0)

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