TOP of the line amazing graphic game!

hello audience…

My friend and i found an awesomely amazing gaphics game. Its called I, Predator. Thank you aniaml planet form coming up with that idea!:D i play the game alot now! there are three main episodes. Shark vs cape fur seal, Cheetah vs Gazelle, and Lions vs buffalo! so on say the cheetah episode (its same for all the episodes) you start off as a chetah, and you have to survive by tracking, hunting and killing a gazelle. You can die form getting bucked by some male gazelle when you attack them, or you can die of hunger and thirst. And if you start off as a Gazelle, you start with one doe. They’re probaly some other male gazelles somewhere in the land where you are and then you have to battle them (with your horns) and if you win, you get one of there does, if they have more than 1. ANd yeah, you also have to eat and drink, and whatch out for the cheetah! hehe, sorry, just whatch out! πŸ˜€

hope i see you on the servers some time, i’ll put a link below to a youtube video and the download and info page!





youtube video=

dowload page=



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