up-to-date on warriors books

Ok, GO!!!


so now the clans have arrived in their new home, and they sent out a cat form each clan to patrol the lake where they had arrived at. Tawnypelt, brambleclaw, Mistyfoot, squirrelflight, and Crowfeather. SquirrelPaw is now Squirrelflight by the way, she became a warrior. Yay! And Mistyfoot is the deputy of river clan, Squirrelflight and brambleclaw are representing thunderclan, Tawnypelt is shadowclan, and crowfeather is windclan! ~GASP!~ i forgot to breath, hehehehe!

So mistyfoot quickly claimed an area perfect for riverclan, and thunderclan, and remember this… Mistyfoot always fights for what’s best for her clan, so i can tell there is going to be a show down Between Thunder and river clan. *DUNT* *DUNT* *DUH!*  And right now in the books, Tawnypelt and Mistyfoot are havng an arguement because they found an area that is almost like shadowclan’s old home, but there is no place to make a camp, and the only prey there is squirrrel! GRR! And mistyfoot wants shadowclan to settle there… Probaly becasue if her clan does not get the other area, then they wouldn’t want that land. And so that’s where i stopped, i had to go to bed and, yeah, so, exciting! right! I know, so keep looking for my up-to-dates! Thanks*




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