warriors books update

ok, go!


now, i am done with dawn, the end was sadly amazing and heart warming. Leaf paw, Squrrel paws sister has just left the tribe, (because they were staying with them because it started to pile on snow, and the kits would freeze if they didn’t) and they were climbing a ridge. When leafpaw came ot the top of the hill, she found what had been in her dream. A big round, still pool of water, the pale dawn light barely showed, but the stars burned brighter! And hen, at the end of the book, she realised that it was form her dream, and that that area, was their new home.

cool! i am starting the next book (starlight) probaly tomarrow, yay! happiness, and to all you freckledwarrior fans, thank you for even taking the time for my updates, yay! again…




2 comments on “warriors books update

  1. jackijones says:

    Claire.. what an amazing Blog you have. You are such a smart sweet girl and I’m really excited
    to see more posts. Keep up the good work!!

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