starting of a warrior cats book i had done.

My fur swayed in the bone chilling wind of  leaf-bare(winter). “brrrr.” My nose twitched in annoyence as a whtie liht colore flakly shape landed on my nose. “wha- what is this!?” i asked my mento willow breeze. “that? that is snow.” “cool!” i lept and frollickedin the flakes that had fallen form the grey clouded sky. I smiled in delight as a snow flake landed on ym tounge. 🙂 But a ear splitting yowl sounded from behind where i stood, and i spun around ot see the patrol sprinting towards us. Sparrow wing, flame foot, and cedar pelt, their pelts bristling in fear. “ruh- run! now!” flame foot yowled at us. “but- but whay?!” i yowled “dogs! dogs, and they are mad!!!” “what?!” willow breeze exclaimed. She spun around and raced into the reeds after the patrol towards camp, i was frozen in fear. A blurry figure appeared out of the thicket and was treking towrads my frozen body. Their teeth flashing in the pale glow of starting silver pelt. I gulped down some bile that had crawled up my throat and was almost spitting out when i felt teeth wrap around my slim neck, i felt the pain shooting through my body. And i knew, that this could be the end.




2 comments on “starting of a warrior cats book i had done.

  1. megan says:

    awsome hehe

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