warrior fav song and fav video


wolf heart of blade clan


this is wolf heart, he is apart of blade clan, a kind and genlte and loyal warrior, may star clan guide him!


4 comments on “warrior fav song and fav video

  1. hey claire, are you a awesome girl? cause you sure sound like one, and i am a warrior hearter! My fav warrior cat is fire star and grey stripe, they are both loyal and kind to their clan. Amd my favorite clan is thunder, and is blade clan a made-up clan? i have neva heard of it?

    • yes, yes it is a made-up clan, their leader is spotted star and deputy is viper fang. They are also very bold and loyal to their clan, as fire star and greystripe are! Spotted star and fire star and kind and are never givin up and vipper fang and grey stripe are excellet friends and never stop making GREAT choices! am i right? eh? eh?

  2. i am talking to myself here!!!!!! dur durty dur durty durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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