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this is claire, also known as the “freckled warrior”, and i was putting this up just in case because if you have an account here, and yeah, i was puttin this up as a post to ask if there are any warrior cat lovers out there? Cause if there are, then comment and if no? Comment on any other thing, cause i know that i LOVE warriors, I am obsessed! but other wise, still e-mail the claire, or comment if you are a warrior cat lover.


-Claire Livingston


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  1. hey claire, i love your warrior cats idea, may i share it with some of my close friends?

  2. um, hey

    ahhhhhhhh, sure, why not, i want this web site to get dicovered anyway, so, yeah, you can…

  3. Karen Loves Animals says:

    Warrior cats totally rule! Go Jayfeather! (don’t ask)

    • i love jay feather,my friend adores him, i love his natural apearence and how he is blind and every thing, but it is also sad, because he has a great disadvantige in battle because of his blindness, sad, 😦

      i love th cat named crow feather, he is the most hand some cat eva! his mate is lucky to have him, he will stand by her for ever and beyond! what book are you on? by the way karen?

  4. Karen Loves Animals says:

    oh and to get the dog thingy along with other cool gadgets you search “abowman gadgets” on google and click the first thing that comes up

  5. Karen Loves Animals says:

    OMG I LUV THE WARRIORS SERIES!!!! I’ve read all the way up to the last book she wrote (Omen of the Stars: The Last Hope)

    • hey, are you a warrior cat pretender, like you pretend to be one? write “oh star clan!” if yes, then “Oh help me!” if no. he he , i kinda have a choice of oh star clan! my warrior cat name is raven feather… she is beautiful! and keen and sharp.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        oh starclan! I am a thunderclan cat named Feathershine who needs your help!

      • yes, i am raven feather, what is it thunder clan warrior? i ask curiously

        oh, and by the way, go to the link below and whatch/listen to this, it rocks! trust me. it is my favorite video!!!!!!!!!!

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        i am nervous for my first Gathering

      • yeah, same here i say in a squeak. but i probally won’t get to go, i mumle, my head looking at my paws in shame. i say, you want to know why?

      • Karen Loves Animals says:


      • m, well, because, um… i was hutning and i did not mean to, but i followed my prey into snow clan terrtory and now i am not going… probaly, looks at you, shame shimmering in eyes

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        yeah i get what you mean

      • smiles, really, cause i thought you would not be my frined any more i say and i sit down with my tail curled around my paws neatly. Hey, um, wanna get some thing fromt the fresh kill pile i ask with my side bangsover left eye. beautisul shimmer of hope shows into soul of me, visablt through eyes

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Sure”, I meowed and followed her to the fresh kill pile. I settled for a juicy, fat vole and was eating contently when…

      • the warrior named black thorn walked over and said to me “what is this cat doin here?” with a look of disgust over his face, and a snarl over his muzzle, i reply “this is feather shine black thorn, and don’t talk to her like tht she is my friend, and you don’t want another chunk out of your ear now do you?” i snap. You notice the tip of his ear missing and laugh quitely. he growls and snatches a mouse and pads to the warrior’s den and plops him self in the sun shine, i say to you, “that was a fun day feather shine, i am tired.” yawns* “good night” i say and trot off to the warrior’s den and settle down to do into sleep filled with the land of dreams, and star clan…

        to be contiued…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I trotted to my nest next to Ravenfeather’s and quickly fell asleep. Pretty soon, I found myself in unfamiliar territory and thought, “This must be a dream.” In the distance padding towards me was a majestic dark blue she-cat accompanied by ragged old she-cat. The dark blue one nodded to me and said, “Welcome Feathershine. I am Bluestar, and this is Yellowfang. We are warriors of Starclan.”

      • sudeenly i was surrounded by darkness, and pairs of red eyes glowed hungry for flesh around me, but on out of all one was familier, as the eyes glowed brighter, thet turned blue. One pair of eyes was blue, as the neared further i was shocked when i realised it was my mother, i yowled a welcome to my mother, but i was not able to say anything. I tried to move but my feet were planted to the muddy ground. “Welcome raven feather my daughter, you have come to me, to speak to me for a reason. I brought you here. And that reason Raven feather is…” But over head, a crack of thunder drowned her words. Suddenly below my paws, the ground started to feel sticky and wet. I was able to move my neck and i craned it so i could look over towards the ground. And tsicky red licud scent filled my nose. Blood! i thoguht to myself, i gulped down some barf that had crawled up from my stomach. when i looked up, my mother had vanished and i was alone with the red glowing eyes, suddenly, the all started to move closer, and closer, and closer. Hissing rouse above the thunder above and all at once the leap on top of me. Suddenly i was awoken by a lound mew. “Raven feather! you are awake, thank star clan, you were talking in your sleep, with you blabbing all night i could never get any sleep.” the cat was a warrior named Crystal stripe. “oh, sorry, just a dream i guess.” i mumbled. just a dream i think in my mind, just a dream.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “We have come to tell you something important Feathershine”, said the one named Bluestar. “The clans are in danger: Four shall become one to fight the creatures with eyes of blood that threaten to destroy the clans. The fate of the clans is on you and Ravenclaw’s shoulders. If both of you fail, the clans will die. “Bluestar wait! Is that a prophecy? What do Ravenclaw and I have to do with this?”, and found myself yowling at empty darkness. I jolted awake only to see Ravenclaw tussling around in her nest. “Ravenclaw! What’s wrong?”, I meowed.

      • i woke to see your eyes shimmering with fear, and i said… “My name is raven FEATHER” i said with a hint of hummor in my voice. I had the weirdest dream last night i thought to myself. I sat up and streched in my mossy beding. A yawn escaped through my mouth. “what is wroung with you?” i asked curieous. You shyed away and i thought i had done something to make you this upset. My ears flattened down on to my sleak black glossyh ead fur. I wonder what happend i think through my wondering mind. Suddenly an idea plops itself right in the center of attention, what if we go hutning, that may cheer her up i think. “hey, feather shine, wanna go hunting?” i asked cautieously wondering if i made things worse…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Yes please!”, I said, and added softly to myself, “Hunting would probably clear my mind.” I followed Ravenfeather out of the camp entrance, making sure to stay away from Dawnblaze, who was guarding the camp. Out in the forest, the air was fresh and cool.

      • my mind was racing with happiness for my dear friend. Sje was ok, weew! i thought to myself. “ok, you go that way, and i will go this way” i say to feather shine. “you reply, “ok” “we will see who catches more prey i tease. A grin slides over my face… “your on1” and i slip into the heather. right away i scent a vole ahead, i drop into a hunting crouch and creep forward, but a nother scent lingers into my nose, one that smelles of alleys and two legs, at that moent i hear a squeak of fear, that vole is killed, i think, i creep forth, hoping to find the thing that had killed my lunch. I peak through the heather and what i see in strange, a unfamilier cat is laying down gulping down his lunch. He is all black except for his two back paws that are all maroon colored, the color of blood, i gasp as a scent eneters my motuh, that IS blood, the cat looks up revealing dark glowing red eyes, his gaze meets mine, i freeze. Unable to move, i yowl in panic and jolt up and i realise that the cat has a collar on that has dog and cat teeth on! i swallow bile that had slithered up my throat and i trek back to my friend and to warn the clan… as i turned around more cats that looked like the first on were chasing me as well, i must warn the clan, and feather shine i mumble…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I was stalking a squirrel when a yowl pierced through the air. Before I could lay my paws on it, the squirrel fled up a tree. “Mouse dung!”, I mumbled to myself. The yowl for help continued. Just then, I realized that it was coming from Ravenfeather. I ran through the undergrowth just in time to see my clanmate running past the Great Oak being chased by a bunch of hostile looking cats with tooth-collars. “Ravenfeather! You run and alert Crescentstar! I’ll keep them distracted!” Not waiting to see if Ravenfeather obeyed my orders, I yowled, “Hey kittypets! I bet you can’t fight a mouse let alone me!” That sure got their attention, for they were soon hard on my paws. I pelted towards the abandoned Twoleg barn where I could easily hide and pounce on them one by one.

      • i raced down the ravine, the peircing cry from feather shine to obey her, i raced down skiding to a stop at the bottom, my paws stung as they skidded across the gravel like ground. I raced into camp, panting hard i saw all of the cats had worried expressions on their faces. I treked to the other side of the clearing and troted onto the other side of the high rock where cresent star lay sleeping in the shade, i flicked my tail with not wanting to disturb her but i had to in order to save my friend. “cresent star!” i yowled “Huh, what?” she said in a mumble, “oh hello raven feather what is it? you look worried.” she asked uergenly. “alot of hostile cats, they called themselves blood clan, but i never thought i heard them right, they are chasing feather shine! she needs help! they have collars with dog teeth and even cat teeth, claws as big as your ear and blood on their muzzles, please, she needs help!” i yowled at her. Cresent star’s expression said every thing, at once she skirted the side of me and mumbled, ‘thank you raven feather, our clan ows you.” she said in a whisper. “no! it was …” but she had already called all of he clan to a meeting, she picked out all of her finest warriors an treked out of the gorse tunnel, i raced after them and said silently to myself… it was feather shine who saved you. but my thoughts were raceing because in any moment, the forest could be rled by blood.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        My plan wasn’t coming out as effectively as I thought. The hiding spaces were small and cramped and I could barely land a blow to any of the cats. I prayed to Starclan that help would come soon. Then I heard a battle cry sounding out in the forest. “They’re here!”, I thought in relief. From the time I’ve spent with these cats, I’ve learned that they called themselves Bloodclan, and that they want all the forest cats to join their clan. If they are not willing to join, they will die. As Bloodclan launched into battle, so did I.

      • -i raced into the battle, my eyes fixed on the cat who had stolen my vole, i charged and swatted his chest with un-sheathed claws, he yowled in pain, i pinned him to the ground, but his pain yowl turned into a laugh, “you lonley sad runt!” he growled. “he flipped his hair back and under it lay a star imprinted on his fore head. i shrunk back in fear, he was a leader! i gasped. He scruntches his hind legs and i go flying across the room. i land in a pile of hay, my breath is tooken away from me. i gasp for precious air. He trots over to my andlaughs with amusment. “you are pathetic! not even worth fighting you, you are too easy!!!” he snaps. Now my soul burned with hard burning fire powered by anger. i leap up and pounce on his back, he squeals in suprise and falls to the ground. “No no no, you got it all wrong!” i say with my muzzle curled into a grin. ‘you are too pathetic to fight!” i bite his neck with great power. And i pull my neck backwards, ripping fur from his scrawny body, “tell yor clan to leave and never come back! and if you do, you’ll be crow food!” i snap as i release him, he yowls a retreat and i smile with pride. but i look down and my chest is covered with blood and a flesh deep scar, i suddenly feel dizzy and fall to the ground, the light starts to fade, and the last thing i see is the the blade clan cats disapearing through the barn doors, and feather shine leaning over me.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Ravenfeather! Are you all right?”, I asked desperately. No answer. “Crescentstar, wait! Ravenfeather’s hurt!” “Wait here”, Crescentstar ordered the clan. She padded towards me. “That’s a very serious injury. We must get her back to camp as quickly as possible” “Why not let Berryleaf come here?” I questioned. “It’ll take a lot of herbs to heal this wound and Berryleaf can’t bring all his supplies here”, Crescenstar snapped. “Sharpclaw! Silverwind! Come help Feathershine and I carry Ravenfeather back to camp!”

      • i am laying limp in between the two cats, i find myself in a area surrounded again by darkness, A faded blue cat appears through the darkness, i am so releaved to see smoething besides darkness, she is a tall blue stary clored cat, and it is a she-cat. “who are you?” i ask curious. “we? We are star clan. And we brought you here to talk to you, you and your clan, and all clans are in danger! feather shine has already recieved this message, but you have a part in it. and, you are the key to the whole thing raven feather. you are to remeber this and then you can return to your clan. 4 will become 1 and fight off the evil that lurks in the heart of your soul, a cat named scourge! he was your father.” I gasp in surpise, “he is an elder’s tale!” i snap, “he is not my father!” i yowl. “i know it is hard to believe but he lives on inside you, and if you come to me again he is to rise again, but as another cat. he may look like me, or your friend feather shine, so beware of him in any of your friends or even you.” she says. “yes” all the other cats say, in a thousand voices that sound like one. “now go back to your clan and remember this prophecy, for though it lives intside you. i shiver in the grasp of cresent star and you. and suddenly my eyes shoot open. but the slowly close again, but infromt of you, my cut heals 100% and only a scar to remeber, the prophecy still rigs in my mind. 4 will become 1 to face the evil that lurks in my heart, and i shiver remembering what the evil was, it was my father, scourge.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Crescentstar look!” Ravenfeather’s wound was healing. It was healing slowly, but it was healing. A while later, there was nothing left but a thin scar. “Ummmm…I guess we don’t need Berryleaf anymore.”, I said. “Impossible! It must be the will of Starclan for Ravenfeather to live on. Very well then, that’s one less cat for Berryleaf to heal.” I wondered what had happened. As we trotted into the camp, all the cats gathered around us to hear news of the battle. “Silence! Give us some room! I promise will discuss this at the Highrock later on, but for now, let us pass!” Crescentstar ordered. We carried Ravenfeather to her nest int he warrior’s den. Crescentstar meowed, “She should be fine. I must address the clan now”, and bounded up the Highrock. “Let all cats who can catch their own prey, gather beneath this Highrock!” As soon as she said so, Ravenfeather jolted awake. “What’s happening? Where am I?”, she meowed. “Shhhh… Crescentstar is addressing the clan” I told her.

      • “oh, ok” i settled back down in my nest. and thought over the prohecy. is he really in me? i wondered aloud in am mumble. “what?” you said. “nothing i said, my head turned up towards you. “what happend when i was out?” i asked in a uncurtain tone. “but you don’t have to reply… i will just ask some one else.” “ok, sorry raven feather i am just tired.” you replyed. “no problem.” i say with little hope of trying to cheer you up again. (joke)> i layed down and rested my head on my paws. I closed my eyes and found myself not able to go to sleep, so i lay and listened to cresent star out side, when i opened my eyes again, it was morning, i stood and looked around. All of the cts were out already training apprentices and doing patrols, i started to pad out but i was stopped by berry nose. “no you don’t!” he said with a hint of hummor in his ragged voice. “you need to rest.” “oh come on! i want to be use full to the clan, please let me! come on berry nse, i will be your best friend!” “oh, all right” he said, “but you may change your mind.” i laughed at him as i started to pad out, my head turned over to the enterance and i leapt back in suprise, the ground was covered a couple feat tall in snow! i luaghed again, And turned towards berry nose again. His face was in a grin, “told ya!” he retorted. I smiled again, “you’re right, i surrender.” And i padded back to my nest again and settled down and fell asleep again but it was a dreamless dream, maybe star clan is blacking me out? i think to myself. Ugh, and i let out a sigh. i hope not…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        It was snowing and new-leaf was still far away. Our clan is gonna have to catch a lot of prey to get through leaf-bare. I was out with a hunting patrol lead by Needlewhisker. Memories of last night still haunted me and it was hard to focus on hunting. We approached last night’s battle ground. I parted my jaws and the stale scent of blood still lingered in the air. I sighed, and padded to the undergrowth near the edge of the Twoleg barn. There’s bound to be some mice there. My prediction proved to be true and soon enough, I’ve caught two mice along with a crow. The rest of the patrol didn’t catch as much as I did. We went back to camp. Duskwing saw me and said, “That’s a decent catch for being out in the snow.” “Thanks”, I mumbled with the prey still in my jaws. I deposited my catch in the fresh-kill pile and saw Berryleaf approaching me. “Ravenfeather is doing fine. You can go visit her if you want”. I agreed and found Ravenfeather curled up in her nest awake. “Hey , how’s it going? Are you feeling all right?”

      • perfect!” i replyed, i rose and streched, “i saw you come in with your mouth full of prey, nice job!” i said. Where you find that? i said with a yawn… “near the barn” you replyed. “oh, cool.” i said with a cheery tone in my voice. “i am stavring, wanna go eat? i aksed urgently and hungerly. “sure” you said. “ok” i said, “follow me.” i led the way out of the warrior’s den. The snow practickly blinded me, it was beautiful. A cat named shadow moon padded by us. “good to see you’re ok raven feather.” she dipped her head to you “feather shine…” you dipped your head in return. i padded over the the fresh kill pile and picked out a small almost flesh-less mouse. “that’s tiny! you need to eat more” you said. “neh, that clan is more hungrey than me.” I sighed and padded over to the center of the clearing and ploped my self right there, i practicly ate the mouse in one bite. “man”, my stomach growled, “that took the edge off.” “he he he” i luaghed slightly, “its nice to see the camp as good and peacful as it always is.”

        i sighed again, “what’s wrong?” you asked. “oh, nothing, nothing at all.” “ok…” you sounded uncertain about my reply. “ok, well when you are done eating, wanna go and check in the nursery? i heard pine eye had her kits!”

        “sure” you said, “sounds fun.”

        when you finally finished yor meal i padde dover to the mursery with you at my paws. I calle dinto the quite nursery. “you may enter!” an exguatsed voice replyed. I truned my head towards you, “well, come on!” i urged you. We padded into the center of the milk smelling area. “Awwww, they’re so cute!” i commented on pine eye’s kits. “why thank you raven feather.” She said. You smiled at them. But in my mind i remebered an image of me suckling on my mother’s warm belly and my father looking down on me with digust.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “I’ll name this ginger tabby one Flamekit and this tortoiseshell she-cat Gingerkit”, Pineeye purred. “They are so adorable! I bet they would make great warriors one day” I replied. “Come on Ravenfeather, I think Sharpclaw is organizing the patrols now.” “Feathershine you lead a patrol with Ravenfeather, Dawnblaze, Shrewpaw, and Eagleflight” Sharpclaw said. “My first time as patrol leader! Yes! ” I thought. “All right um…..let’s go patrol the Shadowclan border…no wait….er….” I stammered. “Having a hard time Feathershine?” Sharpclaw purred with amusement. “No I, er…am leading them to the Windclan border. Come on let’s go!” I padded out the entrance, fur hot with embarrassment.

      • i trot after my friend and the other cats. My fur tingles with excitment, i needed to get out of camp. And the best part about it is that any thing i catch i get to eat right away or bring it back to the clan. But now i only think about the juicy taste of mouse and even though it barely has any flesh on it’s bone. I pur in ammusement. A dark brown tabby named midnight shadow falls back in step with me. “What are you so happy about?” he asks with wonder shimmering in his pale dark brown teasing eyes. “oh, nothin, nothin at all.” i mummer. “you don’t look like you mean nothing.” he says with a grin spred over his maw. “i am just happy to eat a full meal, that’s all, all i ate was an almost fleshless mouse, so i am very happy to go on patrol.” i mewed back in reply. “oh, cool.” he says. At that moment you stop ahead and say, “ok, dawn blaze, midnight shadow, and shrew paw, go along the river clan border, eagle flight and raven feather come with me on the wind clan border, we meet at the shadow clan border. Ok?” “ok.” all the cats meow in anwser. As all the cats parted i said good bye to midnight shadow and headed along with my part of the patrol. My eyes shot to the side, and the scent of mouse mingered into my nose, i did a low mrrow to my part of the patrol, catchign eagle flights’s attention, she signnaled you to follow. “shhhh.” i hiss. “i scent a mouse just on the other side of this shrub” i say. Immedianly we drop into a hunting crouch and creep forward. I leap n through and presh down with my paws on the nouse, i clap it in my jaws and throw the creature upwards toward silver pelt. As it lands, i clamp it in my jaws with great power and feel the warm blood on my tounge, i lick my lips in happiness. finally, fresh kill with meat on it! i exclaim. “good job raven feather!” you yowl, “you deserve it.’ “thanks feather shine.” i bite down into the mouse, i finish it in a couple famished gulps. “mmmmmmmmmm” i say aloud. “good?” eagle flight asks. “mmm, delicious!” i reply. But then my mind drags away and thinks about midnight shadow and wonders if he is thinking about me…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I led my part of the patrol to mark the Windclan border. Just then, strong Windclan scent drifted from within Bladeclan territory. “Intruders!” I hissed and immediately moved into a battle stance. We all turned around and saw four Windclan cats slither out of the undergrowth on our side of the border. “Hello Bladeclan kittypets”, said the one I recognized as Swiftwing. She was the deputy of Windclan. “Get back into your own territory, or we’ll claw you to shreds”, growled Ravenfeather. “But if you want a battle, we will, of course give you one, one that you’ll remember forever”, Eagleflight added. I flicked my tail for Eagleflight to be quiet and said, “We don’t want a battle, but that doesn’t mean we won’t fight tooth and claw to get you out of our territory. If you don’t want trouble, then get back across the border.” “Ooooh, are you going to make us?” a Windclan she-cat teased. I was aware that both Eagleflight and Ravenfeather have unsheathed their claws. I unsheathed mine as well. “Fine, if you want a fight, then so be it.”

      • “ha ha ha! bad bad choice!” i sneered at them. i troted forward and stoped face to face with the one called swift wing. “you wanna pick a fight?” i snapped “Well, i could get a couple more scars to ake me look tougher, unlike you! raven feather!” she hissed. I snarled, “oh no, you did not just go there?!?!” i snapped. “oh, well, i think i did!” swift wing said. At that moment i heard feather shien yowl “ATTACK!” and i leapt ontop of swift wing. she yowled in great pain as i sunk my fangs into her shoulder. Don’t say any thing more about me or my clan mates! crow food!” i hissed. Feather shine lepat ontop of another wind clan warrior she-cat. Eagle flight heaved herself onto of the ash black tom , and the apprentice slipped into the reeds of wind clan territory. hen i released her, she ran back into wind clan after the apprentice. feather hsine bit her enemie and she too went racing off, they were gone and only to tom remained. Eagle flight gave one more bite on his tail as he fled after his clan mates. “ha ha ha, ktty pets!” i sneered, “that is what they are.” you two luaghed along with me as we headed along wind clan border and on to shadow clan boundrie.

        let’s contiue tomarrow… ok? my mom says off the computer, bye

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Where’s Shrewpaw?” I asked. The other cats shook their heads, “We don’t know.” “Come on, let’s trek back to the Windclan border where we last saw him.” As we walked, I thought, “Is that why the Windclan cats gave up so easily? Are they holding Shrewpaw hostage? Was I so mouse-brained that I failed to see where this was going? Oh Starclan, please don’t start a war between us and Windclan.”

      • my mind lingered with so many questions. Was shrew paw hurt, or is he with the other patrol?

        my mind suddenly grew bright! “i know where he is!” i yowled ahead to you two. Your heads both spun around in suprise. “put he is in wind clan territory…” i mummered ashamed of knowing this.

        “where? did the patrol take her?” eagle flight replyed. “no, but i know where he is! follow me.” you both followed me into heather on the other side of the river. “may we enter here?” i askeed feather shine because she was the leader of the patrol. “yes you may, but only if you know where you are going.” “i do!” i replyed with a hint of hummor in my voice but mostly seriousness. I trotted onto the streams bank and said” come on, it’s just water!” i laughed slightly. “this is serious raven feather…’ feather shine said. ” i know.” i replyed. “then get on with it.” eagle flight said. “ok, ok. hold your paws down!” i swayded under the current of the stream, my paw suddenly slipped and i felt my whole body fall under. my lungs filled with water and i felt already dead, but as i went deeper and deeper into the the water, my eyes slightly opened. I saw a fuzzy form plunging down into the water after me. I felt my scruff getting pulled up towards the surface, once i reached it, i gasped for air, i was layed down on the sand, it sticking to my wet pelt. As i slowly opened my eyes all the way. i saw a handsome jet black green eyed tom stareing down at me with fear sparkleing in his eyes.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I gasped for air as we emerged from the water. It was then that I noticed an unknown cat laying next to Ravenfeather’s paws. “Who is that?” I asked. Ravenfeather shrugged, “I don’t know but I found him drowning in the water so I saved him.” We waited, and after a moment, the black tom started coughed and said hoarsely, “Wha..aat happened?” “You nearly drowned but I saved you”, Ravenfeather said proudly. The tom suddenly sprang up on his feet and sneered, “I don’t need help from some mangy Bladeclan cats! I can save myself!” “Hey! Who are you calling mangy?” Eagleflight growled while pouncing on the tom and pinning him down. “Now, where is Shrewpaw?” The tom spat, “Ha! You’ll never find him! He’s as good as dead by now!” “So you do know where he is huh?” I reasoned. The tom hissed in reply, “Oh yes I do and I am not telling!” “Then we’re gonna have to make you”, said Eagleflight.

      • “WAIT! DONT HURT HIM!” I SNAPPED AT EAGLE FLIGHT. “why?” she asked with anger in her voice. “cause i know where he is!” “you dont need to hurt him.” i slightly looked over eagle flight’s shoulder to the black tom that lay on the sand pinned under her great streangth. i winked at him. “This is dark moon, a wind clan cat i have seen before” i said. ‘he is always looming around our border, i talked to him many times, he tells me that he is just checking to make sure that no manging sscum blade clan cats are in his territory. But he is just sayin that.” i look over at him, he had wriggled out of eagle flight’s grasp and was standing proudly with his chest puffed out. “he is kind, but only if you get to know him.” “why didn’t you tell me this before!” feather shine sneered at me. “I-I thought you would be mad at me…” i shrank back but then stood back up with pride. “i had the right to not tell you, it is not your job to know every thing around here!” i yowled at you. Your eyes clouded with greif and anger. “he tells me where shrew paw goes when he is mad and where he hides.” i contiued. “go on, tell them where he goes.” i urged dark moon. “oh alright, but only for you.” he hissed, glaring at eagle flight. “he goes into shadow clan territory.”

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I fumed with anger and had an urge to yowl up a furious protest to Starclan. What was Ravenfeather thinking, befriending a Windclan cat? It’s not her job to associate with other clans. And the problem about Shrewpaw still remains: Why was he angry and why would he go to Shadowclan territory? I twitched my tail in frustration. “Come, we’re going to report to Crescentstar about what happened today. And as for you, Darkmoon, don’t bother us Bladeclan cats again for we will fight you without mercy the next time we meet”, I ordered and led my patrol back to camp

      • my fur was hot with fury, as we vanished into the ferns i stopped at the edge. I looked back at the cat, his black pelt shined under the starting of sliver pelt. i sighed and padded after my part of the patrols. Midnight shadow greets me first. “hello raven feather, how was patrol?” he asked witha smile on his face. “oh, not good, not good at all. We met a wind clan patrol and-” but i was cut off by a noise form the head of the group, it was feather shine. “shrew paw! where have you been?” she exclaimed. ” i was, i was just, around, you know, patrolin.”he said with a sigh, his face was turned down to his paws, they were shuffling in the dirt. His paws shown wet in the silver pelt’s glow. “dont ever do anyting like that again!” eagle flight said with stress shown on her face. “yes eagle flight.” he replyed. I padded up to feather shine and said ‘it’s getting dark out, we should keep going.” you made a low mrrw of anger and stiffness. Midnight shadow troted up to my side, “raven feathers’ right” he said. he looked at me, his blue eyes shimmering with love. “i guess you’re right.” feather shine said. “let’s keep going.” As we raced through the forest, i smelled the familier scent of the camp. i growled lowly so no one else could here me. I wonder what cresent star will think… i thought Will she be mad or will she under stand, or worse. I shivered with the thought. We entered the camp, the scent of wind clan dangling on our fur, the clan staring in confusion. Eagle flight was covered in sand, i was hot with furry, and feather shine was as stiff as a rock. Their gazes burned me down to the bone. I found that feather shine departed from the grou

      • p, i was following my paws to the pile of fresh kill, i snatched a small pidgeon and padded over to where midnight shadow sat in the moonlight, his brown fur reflecting the moon’s light. “hey!” i greeted him. “hello.” he said, his ears perked up. “want to share the pidgeon?” i asked. “sure.” he replyed. I sat down on his side and tucked my paws neatly under my chest, i set down the pidgeon in the middle of us. ‘you take the first bite!” i said. “no you take the first bite” he teased. “oh, fine, if you will make you happy” i said with a huge smile spred over my face. i bit my fangs into the pidgeons flesh, out of the corner of my eye i saw him looking at me, love sparkling in his gentle eyes. “what are you lookin at?!?!” i said, startling him. “oh- ahhhhh, nothing.” “hmmm, ok, but you don’t look like you mean nothing.” i said with a smirk over my maw. i nudged him, he smiled back at me, “come on, now it’s your bite i said. “ok” he said.

        when we finished our pidgeon we padded into the warrrior’s den, and i saw you curled in a ball in the corner, i sighed. I settled down with midinght shadow and rested my head on my paws. I felt sorry fo you, and my hert sank as i realised i had odne thi to you.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        The morning sun shined on the dewdrops in the grass. The birds were singing their beautiful songs and the camp was bustling with activity. “Seems like it’s going to be a normal day”, I muttered. “What was that?” said Ravenfeather, who was stretching in her nest. “Nothing” I replied curtly, still shaken from yesterday’s argument. I immediately regretted what I just said when I saw the disappointment in her eyes. I told her more gently, “Look, I just need some time alone, okay?” and padded out to find out my assigned patrol. “Feathershine, I need you here for a moment” meowed a cat from behind me. “Oh, it’s you Crescentstar, what do you need me for?” “Come and you will see”, she said. I followed her into her den under the Highrock. She sat down in her nest and began, “I heard what had happened yesterday-”
        “Please don’t! I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry”, I interrupted. Crescentstar sighed, “Feathershine, this is for the good of Bladeclan. I want you to keep and eye on Shrewpaw, just make sure he doesn’t wander off by himself. That’s not a hard job is it?” I shuffled my paws, “I guess not.” “Also, I want you and Ravenfeather to attend to the elder’s ticks and bring them fresh moss. Their bedding is getting old.” “What? But that’s an apprentice job!” I protested. The real reason I didn’t want to do so was because I didn’t feel like spending time with Ravenfeather, and now Crescentstar was forcing us together. Crescentstar said, “You know very well that Bladeclan does not have any apprentices now except Shrewpaw, and I don’t want him unhappier than he is already.” “All right”, I relented. “Very well. You can go find Ravenfeather. The sooner you finish the sooner you can patrol.” “Ok, see you Crescentstar”, and I departed from her den, disappointed and angry.

      • i was sitting in the sun shine when feather shine trotted up to me. I growled low so you could not hear me. “good morning raven feather.” she said witha fake smile spred apon her face. “good morning…” i mumbled. “cresent star sent me to tell you that we supposed to clean out the elder’s den and remove their fleas and get them bedding.” you said. “what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” i said, “that’s an apprentice’s job!” i said furious “i know, i said the same thing, but we must.” you replyed.”ugh, ok, let’s go.” i sneered. I padded over to the elder’s den and peeked inside. “may we enter?” a moan of yes replyed. We entered cautiously, making sure ot to step on any tails or paws. “cresent star sent us to clean out your fleas and change your bedding.” i moaned. “ok, get on with it!” and elder anmd white foot replyed in a rasp. A sun high later which felt like a moon we were done with the chores and sitting in the clearing. “hey, feather shine?”

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Yes”, I replied. “Er…I’m sorry for what happened yesterday but we can’t be enemies forever, right?” Ravenfeather said. I sighed, “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have been so mean to you, but you were befriending a cat from Windclan. That’s against the warrior code. I’m just trying to keep you out of trouble.” “Tell you what, let’s go hunting together”, she suggested. “Okay, sounds fun”, I said, trying to convince myself that it actually would be. She flicked her tail for me to follow. “I’m coming”, I told her. “Last one to the Great Oak is crow-food!” she teased. “Just don’t scare all the prey out of the forest while your at it”, I mocked. We both purred with laughter and ran out of the camp entrance, together and happy at last.

      • hey, can we contiue this tomarrow, i have to go?

      • I right away found scent of vole. I stalked through the reeds, eagerly awaiting my lunch. All my fur tingled with antisapation. I wanted to have that vole in my watering mouth right away, but my mind yet again clouded with the thought that the clan MUST but fed first. I scrunched my hind legs and sprung into the shrub ahead. but instead of a vole i found in my mouth, i found myself with a hard stone like thing nailing me in the head. “ugh!” i hissed. I lay on the ground. My chest panted with fear. I rose and stood on my paws. Infront of me stood a hard thing that looked like stone. defonitly hard enough to be stone i mewed. I craned my neck over it so i could sniff the rock hard structure. It smelt of two legs. i growled. darn two legs! It also smelt of msoke and the stale scent of two leg food lingered upon it. My muzzle curled up into a snarl. i must go tell cresent star! I squealed to myself. As i raced back to the camp, i rememebered that feather shine was waiting at four trees. I raced back towards four trees, prophecy entered my mind again. Could two legs invade the forest? i thoguht. My eyes closed as i pushed the thought aside. I must warn the clan.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        Why was Ravenfeather taking so long? I pawed at the ground with impatience. After waiting for a while and seeing no sign of Ravenfeather returning, I decided to go back to camp. On the way, I smelled something strange. I parted my jaws to get a better taste of it, and concluded that it was smoke, a lot of smoke. Too much smoke. I turned around. There, in front of me was orange red fire blazing from the trees into the sky, and it was spreading towards camp. “Wildfire!!!!” I yowled at the top of my lungs, even though I was too far away from camp for anyone to hear. I started sprinting to the camp as fast as I could. My paws pushed the ground as I leaped and bounded through the undergrowth and brambles. The forest blurred around me partly from how fast I was going as well as the smoke that was coming closer and closer. Finally, I burst into camp, “THERE’S A WILDFIRE!!!!! EVERYONE EVACUATE!!!!”

      • right after you entered it bursted into the panicing camp. My face scruntched into a snarl, fire! i thought. i raced to the nursery, there lay the three kits of pine eye, curled up by her, they were so inecent. My face softened. “pine eye, let me carry one!” i yowled over the panicing yells outside. “thank you raven feather.” she mewed. I picked up the one that was going to be named flame kit and raced out with flame kit in my jaws. i saw pine eys strugleing out of the nursery with the two kits in her grasp. i raced over to her and set flame kit down, “i will go get midnight shadow to help you!” i strugled to say, the air was starting to become infected with smoke. I raced over the midnight shadow and told him to follow. He raced over and picked up one. we raced out of the gorse tunnel and headed straight to river clan’s border. we followed all of the clan to to the edge of the river. I saw all of the claw except feather shine. “where is she!?!?” i thought. I gave flame kit to another warrior named owl spirit. “thanks.” i coughed through the smoke. I raced back into the forest hoping to find her, befor it was too late.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I was panicking. Where was everybody? Had they all left? I had stumbled into some brambles near the edge of camp and it took me forever to get out. By the time I had gotten untangled, the whole clan was already gone. The smoke was thick now, and I couldn’t see a few tail-lengths in front of me. The smoke was choking me as well. I stumbled blindly across the camp until I felt the entrance tunnel and raced outside. The smoke was worse out here, and it was starting to make me feel dizzy. I ran aimlessly but only bumped into trees and thorns. There was nothing left to do but to stay put. Before long, the smoke had filled my lungs; I struggled to stay alert. But I failed to do so and before I knew it the ground rushed up to me as I fell into the claws of darkness.

      • my eyes blinked, trying to find her faint shape in the black fog. i suddenky caught a glimpse of her,i raced down to her body. i stared in horror as i clentched her body in my weak jaws. I heaved her with all my might to make an effert to pull her and myself up the ravine. How could this great day had turned to crow food? hissed. I made one last effert to pull you up, but my muscles failed and i slipped and failed with the attempt to pull you up. I lay beside you. The smoke filling me with every breath. The last thing i see is the burning hot fire closing in on us with intese heat. i looked up with the last of my energy and then lay down with my head resting on your side and get prepared to join star clan. The last thought i have before i go black is at least we die together. i smile and then life fades away.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I opened my eyes and found myself in unfamiliar territory. Beside me lay Ravenfeather, and I wonder how she had gotten there. I surveyed my surroundings and managed to conclude that I was in Starclan. How did I know? The trees were shimmering and the grass was sparkling. The land was too perfect for the real world. I sighed and thought about my life. Just then, Ravenfeather coughed. I padded next to her and said, “We’re in Starclan.” Ravenfeather popped up on her feet and said, “What? Oh, we died didn’t we?” “Yeah, but at least we died together”, I replied. Then we heard another voice which said in a commanding tone, “Do not worry young ones, you won’t be here for long.” “Who are you?” Ravenfeather and I called in unison. “Don’t you remember me? I’m Bluestar”, the cat said. “Oh, hi Bluestar. I mean, um…..greetings, Bluestar. We have come from Bladeclan to this noble Starclan home and we are…er….grateful…to have died and….” I stammered. “No need for formal introductions. I know very well who you two are”, Bluestar said gently. “Now, as I was saying, you two won’t be here for long. You need to go back to your world. The clans need you.” “Why? Are we that special?” Ravenfeather asked. “Yes, as a matter of fact. That’s why I was sent here to guide you back to your clan.” “Whoa, do we have, like, special powers? Are we legendary? Are we going to be powerful clan leaders? Are we….” I went on and on. “Silence, Feathershine. We must get through this procedure quickly. Now both of you close your eyes and think of Bladeclan camp as you know it” Bluestar ordered. We did as she asked. The world felt like it was spinning around us and time seemed to change itself…. Amid the confusion, we heard Bluestar’s voice echo in our ears, “Remember Feathershine and Ravenfeather, you two are destined for greatness, but do not take pride in that statement. Too much pride can lead to overconfidence. The clans are yours to defend. Follow the warrior code and your hearts, and I know you will be able to destroy the darkness that lies ahead…

        My eyes shot open and I sat up still feeling slightly dizzy. We were back in the forest territory of Bladeclan. The scent of smoke still hung in the air and all around us the trees were burnt down and the wood charred. The undergrowth was burned to crisps so that not a single plant remained. I felt exposed without the safety of the trees over our heads. I couldn’t imagine how Windclan managed to live in the open plateau all day. “It’s completely destroyed isn’t it?” Ravenfeather said beside me. “Yes, I wonder how the clan is going to survive with this useless territory”, I sighed, “Come on Ravenfeather, let’s go find the others.”

      • my pace quickens. My mind is starting to fill with all kinds of questions. If that was any other cat, they would be hunting with star clan. but we are still here. But then my face turns from a smile/frown to pure disgust. I remembered the prophecy, 4 will become 1 and fight off the evil that lurks in the forest. But then i remember the most terriable thing. My mother said, when i was in star clan, that if i came to her again, scourge would remerge as another new born kit or the soul of him would enter anohter cat. My stomack twists and lurchs with wonder and anger. “ugh, why did i have to go back!” i mumble. “what?” feather shine says, her face in worrie’s icey grasp. “nothing…” i say and we keep running on, but the thought lingers in my mind. i wonder who the cat is? but then i am startled by a screech of horror ahead. Feather shine had stopped. And infront of her lay a body. Scortched and burned to the bone. “she was a great warrior.” you mumble under your breath. when i looked closer to the body, i saw that it was speckled pelt. the clan deputy…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Speckledpelt! No!” I yowled to the sky. Ravenfeather’s face was one of pure horror, “Who did this?” I sniffed the pelt, “Whoever it was, they were smart to burn her body so that their scent didn’t linger on her.” “Or she could have burned during the fire. But I was sure I saw her with the clan before I came looking for you…” Ravenfeather thought aloud. “Then this couldn’t be from the fire” I said. “Besides, there are claw marks on her; it had to be another cat.” “We better take her body back to the clan and see what Crescentstar has to say about this” suggested Ravenfeather. As we marched into camp, all the cats gasped in shock as they saw their fallen deputy’s body. “What happened to her?” Crescentstar said in anger. I only dipped my head in misery as Ravenfeather explained, “We found her in the middle of the forest. There are some claw marks on her so we’re suspecting that is was a cat who did this.” Crescentstar leaped onto the Highrock and yelled, “All cats who can catch their own prey gather beneath this Highrock!” even though most of the clan was already there. She continued, “As most of you have found out, Speckledpelt is dead. She has been murdered by another cat” Murmurs of sadness and anger shot through the clan. “Whoever did this has not only broken the warrior code, but has disgraced our clan as well. I want you all to be truthful: Who murdered Speckledpelt?”, she asked. I gasped in shock. Did Crescentstar actually think that it was a Bladeclan cat who killed her? “That’s impossible!” Ravenfeather whispered to me, “No one in Bladeclan could have done such a thing! Unless…” she trailed off. “What?” I questioned. “Er….nothing” she lied. “Please Ravenfeather, tell me! I know you’re keeping something important to yourself. I’m your best friend, you can trust me, right?” Ravenfeather didn’t answer. Crescentstar yowled again, “Who did this? Speak up now, or be shamed forever!” When no one confessed, Crescentstar said, “Very well. As we hunt down the murderer, I want you all to remember that Speckledpelt was a loyal and compassionate cat. She was the deputy of Bladeclan and has done her job well. Every one of us has respected her as though she was the leader of this clan. We hope that she has a safe journey to Starclan. Anyone who was particularly close to her may sit vigil next to her body tonight. We will bury her tomorrow at sunrise. I shall pick and announce the new deputy before moonhigh.” Crescentstar jumped down from the Highrock and returned to her den.

      • alright, you know when we where fighting the rogues in the barn the other day and i was healed really fast/”i said. “yes.” you replyed with wonder and concerne covering your face. ‘well, ah, that was star clan’s doing. I was not healed by myself, but by star clan. And for a reason.” your face twisted with wonder and shock. “wha- what?!?” you exclaimed. “shhh, keep it down!” i growled. “sorry.” you replyed. “and, -ah-ah, oh, um, they gave me a prophecy.” i cpntiued. “go on!” you urged me as we departed from the clearing and vanished into the warrior’s den. that was now a pile of mossy burned charcole in the shape of a half circle, with only a ittle opening in the middle. i sat down and curled my tail around my chest as my paws slid under it. “they said that 4 will become 1, and fight off the evil that lurks in my soul, and that evil is scourge.” isaid…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        As Ravenfeather told her story, I listened with shock and awe. When she finished, I said, “That’s horrible! It must have been the cat with Scourge’s soul that murdered Speckledpelt! And if he’s still in our clan, who knows who the next victim will be?” “It’s scary all right”, Ravenfeather agreed,”Feathershine, I think it’s our job to track down the murderer and bring peace to the clans once and for all.” “That’s not going to be easy”, I muttered, “And besides, we still have Bloodclan to worry about.” “Then we should start now”, said Ravenfeather.

      • “true’ you agreed. ‘but the clan must come first” i replyed “that is the right thing to do. good thinking raven feather.” you commented. We stood and padded out of the den, well, now sort of a den. When we emerged from the exit. We realise dhow damaged the camp was. I turned to feather shine and her face was also twisted with worrie. this clan needed help, and fast.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “So what do you propose we do?” I asked. “I’m not exactly sure”, Ravenfeather admitted. “Hmm… let’s try to look for clues near the place where we found Speckledpelt’s body”, I suggested. “Good idea, let’s go”, said Ravenfeather, and we departed out of camp together. We reached the spot and sniffed around. “Hey Feathershine! Look over here! I think I’ve found somethin!” yelled Ravenfeather. I trotted over and looked where Ravenfeather was pointing her tail to. It was a clump of fur stuck to some brambles. I sniffed the fur and caught a whiff of Bladeclan scent. “So Crescentstar was right, it was a Bladeclan cat”, I concluded. “How do you know it wasn’t just from a cat on patrol who got stuck in the brambles?” Ravenfeather questioned. “Because patrols never come this way. The only reason we stumbled upon this place was because Starclan dropped us here, remember?” “Well it still could have been a wandering apprentice or warrior seeking time out alone”, Ravenfeather said. “This is the only lead we’ve got. Let’s investigate it first and if it is from an innocent cat, we’ll try something else.”

      • i troted after feather shine and we lifted our heads to the sound of a branch cracking from behind us. our bodys froze where we were. I slwoly turned my gaze to see a small shape apear. Suddenly my vision became blurry. “wha? i cant, i cant see anything!’ you exclaimed. “me neither!” i yowled. ‘ha ha ha, i knew you two would come.” and icey voice growled. “who-who are you!” i yowled over it. “oh, just, a cat, lookin for trouble, and oh, um, revnge!” it exclaimed. ‘yo-you killed speckled pelt didn’t you!” feather shine hissed at it.

      • “hmm, i am a cat very close to you. Oh, and one who was very close to speckled pelt as well.” it said “THEN WHY DID YOU KILL HER!” i spat at it. “oh, i had my reasons. And i am also a part of your beloved clan. But i have shared drems with star clan, and they think my choice is right.” it replyed. it’s blur of dark brown fur shifting in the chared burnt grass under paw. “wh-who are you!?!” we chanted at once. “oh, if i told you then my plan would fail, and you would be no more. And if you whent away. well, huh, i would not like life. and especialy you raven feather? is it?” “yes! Mousebrained fool!” i hissed at it. “huh, nice try kid. but you are only a pathetic little newly-made warrior! but i have already said too much, i must go. But think hard, think hard about what i have said today. and beware of some one that is going to make blood rule the forest…” it’s shape faded and our vision came back. “who was that?“i yowled. “i don’t know… but cresent star should hear about this.” you said. “ok, let’s go.” as we charged back through the ferns that are now choked with smok, that voice ringed in my mind, and it sounded familier, too familier…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Crescentstar! We’ve got something to report! May we talk to you privately about it?” I asked. “Come right in my den”, Crescentstar said. “Now what is it that you two want to tell me? Did you find who murdered Speckledpelt?” “Well, kinda…we were nosing around the place where we found Speckledpelt’s body and we found a clump of fur stuck to some thorns….” Ravenfeather explained. “And right after that we were going to find the suspect but then this cat came up to us. All of a sudden our vision blurred and we couldn’t see the cat’s identity…” I continued. “The cat was a tom, that’s for sure. He told us that he was part of our clan and that he was close to us and Speckledpelt. He wants Bloodclan to rule the forest and told as that Starclan wanted him to murder Speckledpelt” Ravenfeather finished. “That doesn’t seem right. He must have been twisted beyond reality” Crescentstar thought aloud. “I do know a cat really close to Speckledpelt, but I don’t know if he is friends with you” she said. “Who is it?” Ravenfeather and I both asked. Crescentstar replied, “Midnightshadow.”

      • “what!?!” he would never do that! he is my close friend, i mean he never liked speckled pelt, but-but, he would never do that!” i hissed is panick. “but that could be the killer” cresent star said. “i don’t believe it!” i hissed. even thiugh she was my leader, i fight for what i believe. “it may be true ravne feather. he just might be the killer.” you said. a worried face had tooken over your serious one. “no! he didn’t do it!” i yowled. outside all cats ears perked and turned towards the leader’s den. “he didn’t!” i yowled. tears started to fall down my muzzle and onto the sandy floor underpaw. “h-he didn’t!” i spat into cresent star’s face. “he is a loyal, kind, trust worthy cat! he would never!” my face hardened and my muzzle curled into a snarl. You shrunk back from my fury. “you ha-” cresent star stampered.” I have what! what! he is my friend ever since we were kits. you know better than to blame one of my friends and one of YOUR best warriors!?!” i snapped, my eyes foging with hatred. “i-i” yo what?” i sneered. “spit it out!” ” she had shrunken back into the corner of her den and then suddenly she sprang up and stood head strong, her chest was puffed out. “you have no right under star clan’s whatch to talk to me in such a disgust manner. leave my den now! or star clan will make you pay!” she hissed. But at that moment, a fog of black clouds fogged around me. my face was turned towardsm y paws and my head turned towards cresent star. you two squealed in shock. From y uor veiw you saw my eyes glowing red, and my claws were longer than your tail, and a deep voice boomed over a crack of thunder outside. “oh, she has the right! we are star clan, and we, we agree with her choice.” but inside my soul, my true self raged and struggled, trying to get out of this trap, and then, in one mouse hop, i realised that the sould of scourge, was unleashed.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I stared in horror as my friend literally turned into a monster. I knew it was the least courageous, most kit-like thing to do, but I hid behind Crescenstar. “Help! Ravenfeather is turning into a monster!” I wailed. Then, just as quick as it had happened, Ravenfeather became herselft again. Once she had recovered her breath (for it looked she had been choked to near death) she stared at me strangely, “Er…Feathershine? Why are you hiding behind Crescentstar?” “Ravenfeather!!!! You’re okay!” I ran to her and nuzzled her on the cheek. “What just happened?” she asked, puzzled. Crescentstar, still shaken from the experience, said, “You..you….turned into a monster. Just like Scourge. And Starclan was speaking to us, telling us that it wasn’t Midnightshadow’s fault. But then…who else would have killed Speckledpelt?” “I told you once and I’ll tell you again! Midnightshadow didn’t kill Speckledpelt! Either that cat we met told us a lie, or you’re lying to us, claiming that he was close to Speckledpelt when in fact he might not have been!” Ravenfeather jumped back to her stubborn self. “Ravenfeather! Don’t accuse the clan leader like that!” I whispered to her. “Oh, then very well Ravenfeather. I never said it was Midnightshadow, I just suspected him but now that you have objected, then I guess we’ll keep searching for the murderer” Crescentstar laughed nervously, although I think her choice was not made from her thinking but from her fright of Ravenfeather.

      • i grunted in amusment. although my face outside was hard with meaning.
        “i am sorry, cresent star, i know your choice was not made by you, but by me, i am sorry, but the truth is. midnight shadow is not gulity with the murder of speckled pelt.” i said. my face had softened with the thought of him. “you are right raven feather, it’s just, it’s just that was no star clan that over came you, that was a demon, from down under.” she exclaimed. “you mean, you mean, the devil’s fingers? where the killers and murders go?!?” i asked, stunned to hear my leader talk about such a elder’s tale. “yes, i am talking about, devils fingers.” she flinched with the saying of it. Her eyes closed as for rememebring the thought of something terrible. “are-are you ok?” i asked, panicked that she was in pain. her eyes opened, but they were clouded with sadness and fear. “yes, yes i am fine, It’s just that- that i had a experience with such thing as devil’s fingers.” “you- you did?” i exclaimed, my spirit urging me to ask her to tell it, but my paws stood planted to the ground. my face was twisted with wonder and pain for the old leader. Did she see the under world? i wondered. But i pushed the thought away. “very well, cresent star, let’s get back to the point.” good thinking” she replyed, her face enlightened with the thought of escaping her dreadful memories.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “As I was saying, since Midnightshadow has not proven to be the murderer, we must keep looking for the right cat. Who else is close to Speckledpelt?” Crescentstar asked. “Well, there is her mate Shadeclaw…” Ravenfeather said. “Good point, we should keep an eye on him then”, Crescentstar replied. “But Shadeclaw is a good cat, he’s one of the senior warriors”, I protested. “You can never be sure, Feathershine”, Crescenstar warned. “Very well then, Ravenfeather, I want you to search once more at the place where you found Speckledpelt’s body. See if you can narrow down the culprits. Feathershine, you stay here. I need to talk with you for a minute.” As Ravenfeather exited the den, Crescentstar continued, “Let’s not tell Ravenfeather about her turning into a monster. I don’t want her to get scared. If Scourge’s soul really lives within her, then we must be careful. Keep an eye on her Feathershine. If she does anything suspicious, immediately report back to me, understood?” I dipped my head, “Yes Crescentstar”, and ran out of the den in search for Ravenfeather.

      • i was sitting by the warrior’s den, patiently waiting for my friend to research the sight of the murderer. You padded up to me with a mouse in your jaws. I licked my lips in delight. “hey, thanks.” i said. “no problem, and, when youare ready wanna go?” you uurged me. “sure” i replyed. “ok” you plopped the mous eat my paws. I finished it in only a mouse hop of time. “ready?” i asked. “yeah, i have been waiting!” you said, trying to tease me with a taunting voice.m”huh, beat you there!” i yowled in reply. I raced out of the gorse tunnel and up the ravine, in hopes of finding the cat who made my sight blurry, and the murderer.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I pranced up the ravine to the place where we were going to search for clues. I sprinted as fast as I could, but Ravenfeather was still a tail-length ahead of me. I ran to catch up and we both skidded to a halt at the place. I immediately starting sniffing around for more leads while Ravenfeather did the same on the other side. Just then, my eyes grew blurry. “Not again!” I wailed. The same dark brown tom now stood before me and said in a coldly, “You have no business being here.” “We’re just looking for clues”, I said, trying to sound brave. “Yeah, we’re not bothering you right?” Ravenfeather appeared beside me. “I suggest you leave, and never come back again” the tom said. “Or what?” Ravenfeather challenged. I was surprised by the bravery in her tone. “You don’t want to know”, he replied smoothly. “Well I do want to know!” I retorted. “Fine. So be it. A punishment you will have. Good luck, because you’re going to need it” the tom teased and disappeared. Our eyesight returned to normal, and good thing too, because right in front of us stood a fox.

      • my fur bristled in fear. “feather hsine!” she stood beside me, frozen in fear. I pushed her out of her mind. “come on!” i urged her. “alright.” but it was too late. the fox had smelt us and was charging our way. I leapt to the side, bu feather shine was too late. The fox grabbed her scruff and threw her to the side. My eyes widened in horror. You flew across the clearing an you hit a stone hard with a huge thud! Blood trickled from your shoulders. I snarled in agnger. My soul burned. My breaths became harder and harder. Suddenly the clouds reappeared around me and my eyes glowed red. “GET OUT!!” i snarled and leapted across the open ground and onto the fox’s shoulder, i bit down with my fangs that had grown 2xs as much and heard the fox yell out in pain. i jumped from it’s shoulder and landed on the ground. my claws sinking into the ground. blood covered them, the blood of the fox’s.

        the fox yelled in pain and turned away and vanished into the reeds. The clouds disapeared from around me and my eyes turned back to the normal purple. I looked over at you, laying limp o the ground. my chest was heaving for breath, they were getting shallower and shallower. Suddenly every h]thign went black.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Beware Feathershine, the great danger is almost here” Bluestar said. “What must I do?” I asked. I had woken up in the middle of Starclan after being hurled onto a rock and passing out. At least I wasn’t dead. I hoped Ravenfeather was all right. That fox was a bad one… Bluestar interrupted my thoughts, “Take care of Ravenfeather. Keep her awake to the real world. Don’t let Scourge’s soul take over her mind.” “So it is true? Ravenfeather is the one who is being possessed by Scourge?” Then I asked the question that had been torturing me ever since the first time Ravenfeather had turned into a monster, “Did she murder Speckledpelt?” “Questions, questions. So many questions. I’m afraid I cannot tell you the answer to all of them. You will find out when the time is right. But I will tell you this: Ravenfeather will need to be rid of Scourge’s soul. Otherwise, the real Scourge cannot be killed. Part of him lives inside your friend. Please do not panic when I say this, and don’t get angry either, understood?” Bluestar said. I nodded. “Good. In order to truly rid of Scourge once and for all, Ravenfeather must die.”

      • i awoke in a small clearsing, complete darkness except for few stars shinig through a thick canopy of clouds over head. I turned my head and began to see the sape of four great oaks. i realised i was at four trees. I padded up towards the oaks, happy to see something not hurt or burned up. I sat down gazing at the four trees towering over me.But right infront of my eyes, the bark started to shrivel, the leaves falling to the ground, a low wind rustled through my fur, as for whispering ‘hes here‘ i spun around to see shapes of cats crowded on the border of the clearing. One walked over to me, his black pelt glowing red in the starlight that had turned color as well. “i see you have used my soul one more time.” he smiled making his teeth covered collar glint in the light. and his white paw’s claws were unsheathed, like all other’s were.”you- you did this to me!” i yowled. “you made me get locked away in my own body!” i hissed. “huh, you are right, i am scourge, but no talk for for now. Only war.” then all was balck again…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        If it was possible to pass out in Starclan, then I would have done so right away. Kill Ravenfeather? “There must be another way” I protested. “Well, if you think of one then let me know” Bluestar said sarcastically. “Sorry, didn’t mean to anger you, but still, I could never bear to kill Ravenfeather. She’s my best friend!” “It is possible, though, to get Scourge’s soul out of Ravenfeather without her having to die. But I am warning you, this way is even harder.” “What is it?”
        I pressed, willing to do anything to keep my friend alive. “You must kill her mother” Bluestar said. “What!? What does that have to do with Scourge?” I exclaimed. “Hasn’t Ravenfeather told you, Feathershine? Scourge is her father.”

      • i woke to see my clanmate sparrow wing leanign over me with a leaf full of herbs in her mouth. Sparrow wing is the med cat. “raven feather? raven feather? can you hear me?”she asked worried. “yea-yeah, but, but, feather shine.” “i know, she is back at camp, then i was walking out then i saw you in the bush. feather shine is safe. now, can you walk?” she asked. “yes, i am not an elder!” i snapped a hint of humor in my voice. I made an effort to stand, but collapsed to the ground. Sparrow wing rested me on her shoulder and helped me to my paws. “thanks.” i said, happy to see her. “So what happened?” she asked curiously. “it was a-” but i cut short, a intense hurting hit me in the chest, like a badger’s claw hitting me on the chest. I fell to the ground, my breaths growing shallow. “raven feather!” the med cat exclaimed. All was dark until i felt my body lift into the air, and get carried back to camp.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        In the ways that dreams fade, I found myself back in the forest. I quickly sprang to my feet, only to fall again as I a sharp pain in my leg made me collapse once more. I turned around and looked in horror as I saw that my leg was twisted at an impossible angle. Oh, Starclan, please help me, I prayed. I managed to slowly and painfully drag my way back into the camp where Berryleaf took me into his den. He looked at me anxiously and asked,”What happened?” As I opened my mouth to speak, he quickly said, “Oh never mind, I better get your leg back into place first. This is going to hurt, so just be ready. Here’s a stick to bite down on.” I saw him move around to my crippled leg and considered dragging myself away. I hesitated to long, because he had already laid paws on my hips to prevent any movement. I braced myself. Then, searing pain shot through me as he grabbed my legs in his jaws pulled. The stick I held in my mouth was reduced to splinters. Then I heard I “click” sound and knew my leg was back into place. “There, you should be fine now. You’ll still need to rest though. No warrior duties for another moon, okay?” Berryleaf said. I opened my mouth to protest, but only a muffled squeak came out as Berryleaf had stuck his tail in my jaws, “No complaining”, he said. I grudgingly obeyed.

      • i was too in berryleaf’s den as he padded over to me, i lay on moss beding, exsuasted from the battle with the fox. He padded over to me. “so what DID happen?” he asked courious to hear my answer. “a-a fox, and a blur, cat, ah-” but i cut short, my body lay limp from exguation. “ok, i will let you rest, tell me when you feel better. But my mind felt like it was clouded witha dark fog. i was up to my ears in problems. The phrophecy, the murder, and feather shine, was she ok? and the fire! the fire! “berry leaf!” i managed to say. “yes?” he replyed “what about the camp?” it’s alright.” he trotted out to the clearing to talk to cresent star. But my mind was weighed down with worry, that the cmap would soon, not be ok.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I moped about the camp for the next few days. “Hey, you look bored. Why don’t you go play with Pineeye’s kits? They’re about to become apprentices”, Dawnblaze suggested. “Sure”, I agreed, and padded over to the nursery. Firekit and Icekit were playing with a ball of moss. When they saw me, they squeaked, “Hi Feathershine! Can we play Bladeclan versus Shadowclan please? Pretty please?” “Ok, let’s play!” I said. Of course, I was told to be the Shadowclan warrior while the kits were loyal Bladeclan warriors trying to ambush me. They squealed in delight as they climbed up my back and “pinned me down” with their tiny little paws. “Help! These Bladeclan warriors are too strong for me!” I purred. “Having fun?” asked Pineeye, who had just stepped out of the nursery. I quickly sat up and licked my chest in embarrassment. I was about to say that the kits forced me to play with them when a patrol came rushing in. I sensed that there was trouble. The leader of the patrol, Robinfeather, yelled, “There’s a pack of foxes all heading toward our camp! Everyone! Get the kits and elders to safety! Quickly! They’re not far away!”

      • i heard chaos outside, i heard squeals or horror and a battle cry. I froze on the ground were i fussed with a jupinter berry that had fallen onto the floor. Flying foot came rushing through the litchen to the medicne cat’s den. “foxes, a pa- pack, coming, get-out-fast!” he struggled to say. berryleaf’s face was twisted with horror. foxes? first a fire, then a murder, now a pack of wild foxes? what could be worse! i lept to my paws and raced outside, i felt dizzy, but i must fight along side my clanmates in order to save the next generation and the oldest ones. All warriors were lined up in attack poses. I joined along side them, feather shine stood by me, her muscles rippling under her shining, glossy pelt. I too came into attack position. The foxes emerged from the gorse tunnel, teeth bareing, and howls of battle sounded fromt heir mouths. Cresent star sounded the battle cry and all cats lunged into battle with the 4 foxes that had entered the camp. I some how reconised one, it had a scar across it’s chest, one with dried up blood boiling around it. (that is the fox i scared away when i was a monster.) pushing the thought aside, i saw that the blade clan cats were getting ripped apart. I knew what had to be done, scourge woukd have to be unleashed.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I fought as hard as I could, but it wasn’t easy with my leg burning in pain every time I put weight on it. The fox I faced was huge, so I leaped onto its back and used my unsheathed claws to hold on. The fox yowled in pain as my claws dug into its back and ran around the camp trying to throw me off. I clung on for dear life as the wind whipped my face and the rough steps of the fox threatened to dislodge me with every leap. Unfortunately, the fox, which was fairly smart, decided to drop and roll on its back. I didn’t have time to jump off and ended up having the air pushed out of me as the weight of the fox landed on my stomach. I wriggled out and snarled at the fox. It lunged to one side and I feinted to the other, dodging its razor sharp claws. Before it could recover, I raked my claws across its ear since that was the place which bled most when wounded. The fox, now furious with half of its left air torn out, raced toward me and pounced. I, again, dodged to one side but the fox anticipated this. Before I knew it, I was pinned down with the fox drooling over me. It raised its paw to deliver the killing blow when all of a sudden, an evil yowl sounded over the camp. I turned my head and saw that Ravenfeather was transforming into that dreaded Scourge-monster. “No, Ravenfeather don’t!!!” I screamed, but Ravenfeather didn’t listen. She didn’t know that if using Scourge’s soul repeatedly, this evil power would eventually take over her mind.

      • the power felt great, my claws grew longer, my fangs sharper, and my soul darker. I let out a battle blood thirsty yowl. I raced to a fox, 10xs my size, but inside my body felt even bigger. I lept onto the back of the fox, my claws sinking into the flesh of the fox. It let out a yelp of pain. I released it and it ran to the oppisite end of the clearing. Blood trickled down its shoulder and onto the ground. It let out a menacing growl of =luaghter. it barked and lunged for me, i dodged it in a quick jump to the right, and the fox went flying across the clearing and getting caught in the thorns of the outer wall of camp, It had been wrapped in the thorns and blood fell from its mouth, it let out a final yelp of pain, and the body went limp. I guessed the fox had been the leader of the pack, because all of the other foxes stopped dead in their tracks and raced out of the clearing, with out their leader, they were nothing, nothig to fight, nothing to declare battle. When they had vanished out of the tunnel, cats swarmed around me, keeping their distense. the dark part of me had disapeared and only myself remained. “you-you have something around your neck. it-it looks like a kitty pet collar!” eagle flight exclaimed. “it- it looks like scourge’s collar except purple!” another warrior said, suprise in his voice.feather hsine limped up to me. ‘you-you are scourge.” you said, those words peirced me like a badger’s claw. my eye lids closed and i felt hot breath on my neck, the cats close din on me, and i was vanished into darkness of a swarm of cats.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        Ravenfeather had fainted…again. Berryleaf pushed through the crowd and announced, “Give her some room and step back. I’ll take her back to my den. She was in no state to fight after being wounded just a few days ago. Now, anyone with any serious injuries may come to see me first. The rest of you can wait.” Berryleaf, Swiftwing and Shrewpaw carefully carried Ravenfeather away. I stood there in shock and remembered: Ravenfeather transforming into Scourge, Ravenfeather’s blood-curling yowl for blood, the joy in Ravenfeather’s eyes in the midst of battle. She was turning into Scourge by the minute. I must go warn her, but will she listen to me?

      • i was carried back into berry leaf’s den, cats had followed, all cats ingured from the battle wounds. Will the clan be ok. But then my mind flooded with worry about the kits and the elders. Had one of the foxes gotten them? but berry leaf’s voice dargged the thoughts away”raven feather! raven feather!Wake up!” he yowled in my face. “alright, alright, i am not an elder!” i snapped in reply. “ok, ok, don’t get your tail in a twist!” he spat, standing up for himself. “ugh, whatever.” i sighed. “just get on with it.” i mumbled. He padded over to the hole in the stone wall that lead into his den. He reappeared almost in a fox hop of time. “ok this may sting a little. “”ok” i replyed softly. He pressed cobwebs against my wound. “ahh-!” “hold still!” his tail hard with muscle pinned my neck to the ground. He pressed harder.” ouch!” i yowled, pain shooting through my body like a adder’s bite. “ok, done.” berry leaf said. “you may go.” “thanks” i said. Happy to be done getting stung to death. I saw midinght shadow standing in the eneterance of the medicine cat’s den. His face lightened when he saw me. A smile apeared over my face. I was happy to see at least one smiling face. I brushed my head along his flank and purred with delight as he licked over my ear. He rasped it over, making my ear twich in annoyence. I smiled. 🙂 I saw that his ear was bleeding badly. I said farwell to my dear friend and set out to the camp, ready to face trouble that may lurk outside the medicine’s cat’s den.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Ravenfeather! You’re okay!” I said excitedly as Ravenfeather padded out of the medicine cat’s den. My expression quickly darkened, “Ravenfeather, you know that letting Scourge’s soul take over too much could lead to disastrous consequences. You can’t let that happen.” “It was for the good of the clan”, Ravenfeather replied curtly. “But it’s dangerous! Ravenfeather, I just don’t want to lose you, or the clan” I protested. “If I hadn’t turned into Scourge, the foxes would have destroyed the camp and everything you’ve ever loved! Don’t you see Feathershine? I’m doing this so that the clans don’t die!” Ravenfeather yelled. “Well maybe you should think of how the other clan cats must be thinking of you right now! They think you’re a monster! Even Crescentstar is scared of you! You need to stop making our problems worse!” I yowled back. “I’m not making the problems worse, I’m just protecting my clan!” Ravenfeather retorted. I tried to speak, but Ravenfeather cut me off, “And if you don’t want this clan to be wiped out by the foxes, so be it! But I don’t want to see my friends get ripped to shreds in front of me!” Ravenfeather stormed out of camp. I sat down and hung my head. All the cats were gathered around reassuring me that Ravenfeather would soon come to her senses but I wasn’t listening. I was oblivious to everything except for the hard fact that Ravenfeather wasn’t my friend anymore…and things are about to get a lot worse.

      • i stormed out of camp, furry swimming through my thick black fur. I ran up to the base of the ravine, Sparrow wing met me at the bottom. “hello.” she said, sadness in her tone. “hey.” i replied. My face turned to my paws. “you ok?” sparrow wing said, curiousity flooding into her eyes. “huh? oh, yeah, fine.” i mumbled. “hmm, ok i am taking your word for it.” she padded past me, her tail brushing under my chin. I lowly purred with the touch of someone else. ” bye!” i said “bye!” sparrow wing yowled over her shoulder. She has had a wierd liking for me ever since i was aprrenticed, she even asked if she could be my mentor. I wonder what made her like me so much? was she a relative, a close friend since i was born? but then it hit me, was she, was she my mother?

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        From that day on, I decided to stay away from Ravenfeather in case she heated up with fury again. Leaf-bare had passed, and new-leaf was here. Buds have appeared on tree branches signaling that leaves were beginning to grow once again. Flowers are starting to blossom. The birds, having migrated back from their winter home, were singing a cheerful melody. “Prey is going to be much more easier to hunt now that it is warmer”, I thought. I opened my jaws and sure enough, the strong scent of big, fat, juicy mouse flooded my senses. My stomach growled with hunger. I located the mouse nibbling a berry next to a fern and immediately dropped into a hunter’s crouch. Slowly but surely, I crept closer and closer to the mouse. I made sure that my tail was not too high or the mouse could easily see it. I couldn’t lower too much either or I would disturb the twigs on the ground. When I was close enough, I aimed with accuracy, wiggled my haunches, and pounced! I landed squarely on the mouse and killed it with one clean bite. I sat up triumphantly. “Nice catch”, a voice called behind me. I sprang up and turned around. “Oh, it’s just you. You nearly scared me out of my fur Sparrowwing”, I said. Sparrowwing walked up to me and explained, “Sorry about that. I was just hunting by myself in the forest when I saw Ravenfeather storm out of camp. She said she was okay, but I think something’s wrong.” “Why are you so concerned with her problems?” I grumbled. “Because I’m a loyal clanmate who cares for her friends.” “Well, to make it short, Ravenfeather and I had an argument and it wasn’t pretty.” “Oh my, is that what happened? I better go talk to her and cheer her up. You two can’t be angry with each other forever. I suggest you try making up with her.” “Let her make the first move, after all, she was the one taking up the wrong side of the argument.” “Even so, Ravenfeather is a strong-willed cat. She’s not going to give in so easily. Just try Feathershine, you never know what’ll happen”, and with that last sentence, Sparrowwing brushed my chin with her tail and padded away. I wondered why Sparrowwing was so troubled by Ravenfeather’s feelings. Do those two have some kind of relationship with each other? Is there something connecting them? Are they keeping secrets from me?

      • i pushe the thought away, why would i have evred gotten the idea of sparrow wing, a kind, and gentle cat, would take a murderer such as scourge as a mate?! Anyways, i walked on up the ravine, my claws rakeing into the dark, dusty soil. I growled in annoyence. I heaved on one last effort to the top of the ravine. I smelt a vole right away. I dropped inot a hunting crouch and sprang into the reeds with out-streched claws. I killed the vole in one swift bite, it smelt great, but clan is always fed first. I scrabbled with my claws in a try to dig into the soil. I ploped the vole inside the hole and covered it up again to retreave later. I padded farther into the woods, and i found that my paws were taking me to wind clan border, where the wind clan cat i had met lived/lingered, i snickered with happiness. To atleast see ONE smiling face.

        -raven feather

      • the wind clan cat is DARK MOON! YAY!

        just lettin ya know

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I padded back to camp, spirits still low despite the fact that I had caught two voles and a peasant. I deposited them in the fresh kill pile and decided to curl up in my nest and forget all my problems through the calming mists of sleep. I was dreaming….again. This time I wasn’t in Starclan, however. It was somewhere much more sinister. I can’t explain how I knew there was evilness lurking in the shadows: it was more like a feeling, a sixth sense, that warned me. The Dark Forest, I thought. A twig snapped behind me and I whirled around to face that cat that I dreaded to see. Tigerstar. On instinct, I fluffed out my fur and arched my back, hissing. “I see you’ve found the Dark Forest”, Tigerstar purred. The mere sound of his voice was evil in itself. “Stay away from me!” I warned, trying to look dangerous. Tigerstar examined his claws, “Oh don’t worry, I will. Besides, I’m only here to carry a warning, though I prefer a bloodbath much more.” I shivered. He continued, “I must say, that Scourge is back for blood isn’t he now? You’d be surprised that I’m actually allying the clans for once. Scourge is an enemy, not my friend. He betrayed me, took away all my nine lives in one night. I shall make him wish he were never born. So, what do you say? If you and I team up, we’ll stop Scourge from destroying the clans once and for all!” “How do I know I can trust you?” I challenged. “Because I, will teach you how to fight like a real warrior, battle moves that your mentors don’t even know. When you have trained well, the whole clan will admire your skills, and respect your presence”, his words were so persuasive and tempting, but I still had my doubts. I guess Tigerstar sensed me hesitate, so he added, “You might also want to know that I’ve already started training a few special cats from other clans. You don’t want them to be more powerful than your clan so I suggest knowing how to defend them.” That did it. I would do anything to defend my clan, but I didn’t know how much it would cost me when I answered, “Yes, I agree to train with you, Tigerstar.”

      • my pawss beated against the ground, my mind was focussed on what was ahead, as i pushed my way through the reeds at the border of wind clan territory, i was shocked at what i had found. “wha- what are you doing!?” i hissed. a dark head turned around, below the dark claws of his, lay dark moon, his chest lashed with claws, blood pouring from his wound. Anger bursted out of me. ” Oh, hi.” he stammpered. I exzamined the killer closer, it- it was a broad faced brown tabby, with unusual blue eyes, then i realised, i realised it was midnight shadow! “mid- midnight shadow? wha- what is this!?” i replyed with haterd flowing from my mouth. I growled with disgust. “it’s not what you think!” he protested. “i foun-” he tryed to reply. ” I thought you were a good cat…” i hissed, a tear shed from my eye. It slipped down my muzzle and down onto the ground with a sound that sounded so loud that it sounded like star clan had just fallen from the sky. ” i found him!” midnight shadow protested. “really?” i said. “really.” he tried to hide his lies. “well, it dosent look like it!” i yowled with sadness and sorrow. ” Why? why? He mean’t something to me, we- we were friends!” i spat. I turned my head and raced into the reeds. I heard him yell a protest but it was drowned by the blood punding in my ears. He will be sorry, and i will make sure of it.

        -raven feather
        scourge’s daughter

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        Tigerstar nodded, “Good. Your first training session will begin today. Follow me.” He beckoned with his tail and led me through an endless forest of trees to the training grounds. Before I even got there, I heard yowls of pain and anger shredding through the night. I cringed. Did I make the right choice? When the clearing was in sight, I gasped. Cats from all clans, dead and alive, were wrestling with each other with claws unsheathed. Training sessions weren’t supposed to be this brutal! It seemed like they were fighting to the death. Tigerstar leaped upon a rock in the middle of the clearing and yowled, “Let those who are old enough to kill their own enemies gather beneath this Highrock!” I shivered and expected half of the cats to gasp in shock, but they obeyed without hesitation. As Tigerstar began to speak, I surveyed the area and recognized many of the cats: Rainfur, Riversplash, and Stormclaw from Riverclan; Swifttail and Rabbitjump from Windclan… How did they all get here? I wasn’t surprised by the number of Shadowclan cats present however, like Hollowpaw, Longshadow, Blackheart, and Nightclaw. There were even Thunderclan cats, as my gaze shifted to Flamestrike, Squirrelfur, and Mousetail. There was one clan left. My clan. Hopefully there won’t be many cats from Snowclan because I knew each and every one of my clanmates were fiercely loyal. Even so, my hopes were diminished when I saw…saw…Oh Starclan, please no! But my eyes don’t lie, however much I wanted them to now, because standing right under the Highrock was Sparrowwing and Midnightshadow.

      • I reached the ravine quite quickly and ran down the steep slope in hopes to see cesent star stil there. I saw her dull brown pelt run swiftly past the enterance and into the camp. I raced after my clan leader. I was panting by the time i reached her as she was padding inot her den. ” Cresent star, could i talk to you?!” i asked, trying to sound urgent, because it was urgent. “why, yes raven feather, what is it.” she replied, abveeosly noticing the urgency in my tone. “i found, i found midinght shadow, standing, standing over dark moon’s body. From wind clan!” i yowled. “is this true?” Cresent star said, conserned about my honesty. ” Yes, i swear on star clan’s name, it’s true.” ” Alright then, i will go with you and a patrol to feather star(wind clan leader) and we will see what she thinks about this.” as cresent star sped past me with a gust of wind blowing from her sides, i was conserned if i had done the right thing…

        -raven feather

        scourge’s daughter

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Cats of all clans!” Tigerstar yowled. “As you have all probably heard, Scourge and his ravenous Bloodclan have come back to the forest! The lesson we taught them last time wasn’t enough! So now, we must resort to killing them, for they have proven themselves to be forever evil. The warriors of the Dark Forest and I shall train you like no other clan can. You will be the ones to receive glory for the death of Bloodclan, and power shall then be easily within grasp. You can all be leaders, if you follow me. Training starts tonight! Together we will seek triumph over Scourge and all who ally him, and together we will show the clans who is really powerful!” All the cats cheered enthusiastically. Tigerstar bounded down from the Highrock and approached me. “You, Feathershine, are special. You get to train with me. From this moment on, you will be known as Featherpaw in the Dark Forest, for you are my apprentice. Understood?” I nodded. “Answer me!” Tigerstar ordered. I quickly said, “Yes, I understand.” “Good, glory will be ours Featherpaw, just you wait. Now let’s begin with an assessment for me to see your skills. Darkstripe! Come here!” A shady tabby tom padded from the shadows. Tigerstar said, “Darkstripe, I want you to battle Featherpaw.” Before Tigerstar even finished his sentence, Darkstripe lunged towards me. I wasn’t prepared for the sudden attack, and was knocked off my feet. I went flying through the air and thumped against a tree, the wind knocked out of me. Darkstripe lunged towards me again, this time aiming for my throat with claws unsheathed, but I managed to duck as he smashed head on into the tree. While he was still unbalanced, I swiped at his rump and pounced on top of him. My claws dug into his fur as he yowled in pain and with a sharp jerk, threw me off his back. I landed on the ground near Tigerstar’s paws. I was shocked to see the amount of blood I had spilled. Darkstripe’s fur was dyed a dark red color. I didn’t realize my claws were unsheathed, but I knew anyways that Tigerstar would not approve if they weren’t. Undaunted, I sprang to my feet once more. Darkstripe bounded to me in two long leaps. He raised his paw to attack. I ducked just in time and slid under his body. Then I rolled over and started clawing his soft belly fur. Blood spurted onto my body as I did so. My entire face was clogged with the sticky red liquid and I could hear Darkstripe shrieking above me. He tried to escape, but I held him in place with my front paws while my back paws tortured him. His cries of pain begged me to stop, but I couldn’t. I kept tearing and ripping at his flesh until finally, he collapsed on top of me. I wriggled out from under him and saw the damage I had done. His entire underside was torn and shredded, resembling crow-food. I was going to vomit but didn’t think it would be a good idea doing that in front of Tigerstar, who purred, “Very nice job Featherpaw, you are a powerful warrior, but Darkstripe isn’t dead yet. Why don’t you deliver the final blow?” I knew I couldn’t, because the warrior clearly states that killing is never necessary to end a battle. But with Tigerstar standing there, I couldn’t refuse either. So I slowly trudged up to Darkstripe’s body, raised my paw, and brought it down across his neck.

      • I climbed the ravine again after my leader and her patrol. Flame foot, Shadow heart, bushy face, and bur claw. All strong warriors. And cresent star apprentice scar paw was raceing after her. I falled behind, still conserned about him, Midnight shadow. Is he innocent? Or gulity. I still raced on with my clan mates to the spot where i had foud him standing over dark moon. ” Raven Feather? Where did you say he was?” Cresent star sounded stern and full of consentration. “Over by wind clan border, by stary grassses.” i yowled ahead to her. We treked through the forest when finall we bursted inot the open, on the boundrey of wind clans territory. I hissed under my breath when i saw that Midnight shadow was still standing there, over dark moon. With blood covering the ground. “What is this?” Cresent star asked, hatered spilling out of her mouth. Midnight shadow was frosen with shock. He managed to mutter” i- i did not kill him.” “really?” hissed scar paw. “scar paw, quiet.!” snapped cresent star. Scar paw shrunk back from the leader, his eyes huge with fear. Cresent star was not always this cruel to her apprentice, but cresent star is not quick to point fingers. “you say you didn’t?” she asked. “ye- yes, i found him…” midnight shadow trailed off. “come, we will talk about this in my den, follow.” She rdered. The patrol raced after her as she vanished inot the reeds, Midnight shadow had escaped from the shock state an padded after them, with heavy paws. I closed in on him. “you really didn’t?” I asked.

        “NO! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT! I AM NOT A KILLER!” I shrank back in fear and suprise. He was, was mad! i turned my head and raced ahead, but not after the patrol, but towards the cliff that towered over the valley below. I gulped down bile when i reached the cliff. My life is terriable, i AM SCOURGE, and i have been a threat to my clan ever since i was born. I leaned my head over the edge and almost lost my balance. I turned around to see midnight shadow had raced after me. “wait, dont!!!” he shouted. But his words were drowned in my thoughts. I must, to save the clan. i turned back around and looked once more at him, his blue eyes sparkling with worry. “dont go!” he protested. ‘you’ve seen me, i am a threat to anyone who knows me. I must.” at that moment i plunged off the cliff and i felt as iff the world had stopped turning and i was flying. I hit the ground and felt my back crack, above, midnight shadow stared down at me in horror, his only love, now lying dead, blood swarming her body like bees. “NO!” he yowled with pain and sorrow. Raven feather felt as if her warrior ancestors we falling form the sky ot take her to star clan. She opened her eyes and saw her mother, stareing inot her eyes, “mo- mom?” i gasped. i realised it was not sparrow wing, but the great dead leader,dead, shadow star, the past leader of blood clan. Before scourge.

        now raven feather is dead, and her body is found by feather shine, and midnight shadow has laid by her body for days, not drinking, or eating, he was found innocent of the killer, but the crime still lives on, and at the next gathering, the clans will discuss it. Rave feather is now hunting with star clan, and her mother shadow star.but a new kit is born the day after the death of raven feather, a kit named scarlet kit, and her father is midnight shadow, and mother, is raven feather…

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        should we end the “book here” because that was a great suspenseful ending there. I’ve been typing all our comments up on Microsoft Word and putting the story together.

      • , um, no i dont think we should en dthe story, i mean, if you want to thats fine, but we could skip forward a couple 12 moons, (years) and you could be another cat, and feather shine had retired of age, or something… reply soon


      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        well, not end the story, just the “book”, and then the next one is gonna be about what you just said

      • um, no, with you too, and something important happens to YOU! now, yay!

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I woke from my hideous dream. I’m never training with them again, I thought. What was I thinking? Now, I had broken the warrior code by murdering a cat in a training session! I shivered as I remembered the life going out of Darkstripe when my claws sliced the vital vein on his throat… I shook my head. I’ve got to stop thinking about this. As I stepped out of the warrior’s den, Scarpaw rushed into the camp and yelled mournfully, “Ravenfeather is dead!” I stood there frozen in shock. Ravenfeather? Dead? I raced to Scarpaw with tears streaming down my face and asked, “RAVENFEATHER CAN’T BE DEAD! YOU’RE LYING! YOU’RE JUST A LIAR! SHE’S PROBABLY RIGHT BEHIND THAT BUSH WAITING TO POP OUT AND SCARE ME BUT SHE’S NOT DEAD! SHE WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME!” My anger boiled over as I blindly reached for words that weren’t there. Words that proved Ravenfeather was still alive, but I found none. Scarpaw was recoiling in front of me, tail tucked between his legs and scared half to death but I didn’t care. All I cared about was Ravenfeather. Crescenstar came in. She must have sensed my disbelief because she confirmed, “Ravenfeather is dead Feathershine, I’m sorry. She jumped off a cliff to save the clan from the soul of Scourge that lives inside her. She did a noble deed and will be remembered by all. Ravenfeather hunts in Starclan now.” There was no need to repeat this speech on the Highledge, for the whole clan had already gathered around us. The gorse tunnel rustled, and I saw Midnightshadow trudge in, his head hanging in grief. He carried Ravenfeather’s body with him. Although Crescentstar had already confirmed Ravenfeather’s death, it was still heart-breaking to see her body, to know that she really was dead, and that Crescenstar’s words were indeed truthful. I let out a whimper. Then I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder and turned to see Sparrowwing behind me. “Come, I have something to tell you.” She beckoned with her tail and I followed. We sat down behind in the hollow space behind the apprentices’ den, where Ravenfeather and I used to hide when we were kits. I held back tears as the memory came to me. Sparrowwing began, “I’m sorry, Feathershine, I knew you and Ravenfeather were very close, but you must know that I was even closer.” “No, Ravenfeather didn’t trust anyone but me” I retorted. Sparrowwing ignored my bitterness, “Want to know why? I was Ravenfeather’s mother.” I gasped, “You and Ravenfeather were actually related? Why didn’t she ever tell me?” “Because she didn’t know then. I don’t even think she knows now.” “You should have told her! She died without knowing who her true mother was! There’s no greater pain then that of thinking you’re an orphan!” I yelled at Sparrowwing. Sparrowwing flinched but still continued softly, “And Scourge was her father.” She paused, waiting to see my reaction but I was too grief-stricken to talk anymore. Assuming I had nothing to say, Sparrowwing said, “There is another thing to Feathershine. I know I should have told you this earlier and I know you’re going to hate me forever after this but…you and Ravenfeather are sisters. I never intended Scourge to mate with me, but he did, and I couldn’t leave the clan just to raise my kits, so I gave birth to you two secretly. I brought you into camp and told Crescentstar that I had found these kits alone and confirmed orphans. Crescentstar took them in just like I knew she would, but I could never reveal my identity as your mother or else others will ask who was the father. If they found out that you two were descendants of Scourge, and I had mated with him, we would have all been exiled from the clan. But now you know, and I don’t care if you tell the clan about this because I would rather die than live in this world without Ravenfeather. Nothing matters anymore. I’m leaving.” Sparrowwing’s story had come to an end. She looked into my eyes one last time, and padded away out into the forest. I sat vigil for Ravenfeather that night, along with Midnightshadow and a few other clanmates. I wanted to howl with anger at the stars, demanding them to bring Ravenfeather back. Why did she have to be the one stuck with Scourge’s soul? Why couldn’t it have been another cat that no one cared about? Nothing would be the same without Ravenfeather.
        The next few days at camp were mournful. The sky stayed gloomy as if Starclan were also sensing our grief. Midnightshadow, I noticed, was never seen eating nor drinking. He stayed in the warrior’s den all day, mourning Ravenfeather and oblivious the world. Everyone worried about him and they worried about me too. I did the usual warrior duties, but I did them with sadness. My paws dragged as I carried fresh kill back to camp and my shoulders sagged as I patrolled the borders. Even in sleep I could never stop thinking about my lost friend. As for Sparrowwing, who had revealed herself to be Ravenfeather’s and my mother, had disappeared. The last time I’ve seen her was when she told me all her secrets behind the apprentices’ den and walked out of camp. After that, she was never heard from again.

      • i squeaked with wanting of warm milk. I kneeded my mothers belly, and felt the warm liqud fill my mouth. mmm! i sighed. This morning i had been found in the forest along the border of wind clan. In a well pretected hollow surrounded by brambles. My mother was a cat they called raven feather, i think. But mommy died yesterday, and daddy won’t come to see me. So now i am with my “mom” and in the warm, and safe nurery. I cry out as i remember my mom, i had only seen her once. When i was born, but no other time. As i look up, i smell that another cat has entered the hollow. “hello cresent star.” my mother says. “greetings blazing birch. How are the kits?” cresent star asks. “they’re great.” my mom replys confident. “They are just like my own. And this one looks just like her mother.” i could feel her gaze rest on me. I squeaked with happiness of my mothers praise. I sniffed the air a reconised another scent i have only smelt before. Once. “DAD!” i squeak with effort. I hear a purr of amusment. “hello little one.” he licks my head. “Blazing birch? thank you for taking care of my kits. They mean the world to me.” he comments and seems to smile, although i can not see him. “any time midnight shadow. It is my pleasure to care for them.” I hear my dad sigh. “she reminds me so much of her mom. Strong muscles, The dark coal colored pelt. She is just like her.” i feel that he has sadness burning in his eyes. I squeak trying to comfort him. But he only purrs and lays beside me. I begin to scuffle around his paws. Rolling and falling. Along with my two brothers. My mom told cresent star earlier that they looked just like midnight shadow. (my dad) As i bumped in my dads muzzle, i could feel a flick of water. I wondered if he was crying, but then i remembered that the nursery room leaked water too, and that we are all the same.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I sat vigil for another night, after Crescentstar had declared Sparrowwing to be dead. I had never really liked Sparrowwing, but it felt right to mourn her since she was my mother. I was relieved once morning came and immediately thought of curling up in my nest for a well-deserved rest when I scented a cat behind me. “I know you’re there Robinpaw”, I called back. A frustrated growl answered. “I can never learn to stalk quietly!” Robinpaw sulked. “It’s all right, you’ll learn soon enough. Besides, I didn’t hear you coming, I just smelled your scent. Try staying downwind next time.” Robinpaw’s voice immediately grew cheerful, “Okay! Can we go learn some battle moves now? I’m tired of practicing hunting.” “Later, I need to rest after sitting vigil last night”, I answered curtly. Trying to push away the image of Robinpaw’s disappointed expression, I wriggled into the warrior’s den. Crescenstar appointed Robinpaw as my apprentice two moons ago, and although I’d always wanted to be a mentor, I had to admit that the job was tiring. Not to mention annoying. The first day of being an apprentice, Robinpaw wouldn’t stop asking mouse-brained questions like “Is that the Shadowclan border over there?” or “Why doesn’t Windclan live under trees?” and even “Is that a vole or a shrew?” I bet that he couldn’t catch a mouse even if it’s right under his nose. I mean, even kits barely a moon old could understand the difference between a vole and a shrew! I peered out at the camp from my nest. Out of the nursery came a cheerful squeak, which made my heart ache. I knew that squeak. I sounded so much like Ravenfeather but I knew it wasn’t. Just then, I saw Blazingbirch carry that kit out of the camp towards Midnightshadow. Ravenfeather’s daughter looks so much like her. Both had the same color pelt, black as the night and green eyes that could be warm and vicious depending on how you looked at them. I heard Midnightshadow ask, “What is your name little kit?”

      • “scarlet kit!” i sqeaked, as my father asked my name. I purred with the name. It rolling off my toungue so smoothly. No other name would have suited me. Cresent star had tryed spider kit, and widow kit. But my father disagreeded. he had chosen scarlet kit, which i liked the best. Mom would have been proud of me! Midnight Shadow smiled with amusment. “I love that name. It suits you.” he purred. I could hear a hint of sadness in his voice. I know he misses mama, but i can do nothing. I think. I press my head against his soft flank. Listening to the slow beat of his heart and the slow rise and fall as he breathes. 😀 ” ok, now, go along Scarlet kit. Back to then den. My “mother” drops me and i stummble back to the nursery. I land in the enterance and strain to hear blazing birch talking to my father. “Yes, you should be proud of that kit of yours. She will be a GREAT warrior some day!” she commented. I purr, her praise is so sweet and kind, as if it is the warm pelt of your mom. i smile and lower my head. I am soon drawn into the land of dreams, and i am tooken over my sleep.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Scarletkit”, I muttered as I drifted to sleep. I woke up to find Crescentstar prodding me with her paw. “What is it?” I grumbled. “Come”, and without another word, she walked outside waiting for me to follow. We ran to Snakerocks where no one would find us. Crescentstar jumped right to the point, “I think Scarletkit may have part of Scourge’s soul inside her.” “But that’s impossible! Ravenfeather sacrificed herself for that purpose, Scourge would not have been able to live on” I countered. “Scarletkit was born before Ravenfeather killed herself” Crescentstar argued. “Of course she did! I’m not a mouse-brain!” I retorted, with the awful fact starting to seep in. “So, Scarletkit could have inherited part of Scourge”, Crescentstar finished.

      • FATS FORWRAD, 5 MOONS, I AM BEING APPRENTICED. your apprentice had become a warrior now… now robinswift

        “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please join me under high rock for a clan meeting!” Cresent star yowled form where she stood on the high rock. All cats, form warriors to kits gathered under the great accient rock. “we are gathered here to name a very important kit, a apprentice.” yowls of happiness boomed form the clearing filled wiht clan cats.

        “scarlet kit, please step forward.” cresent star asked calmly. I scrammbled from my mother’s side. Walking through the cats as they parted that lead a path to the base of the high rock. I stood, waiting, waiting for my apprentice ship to be made. my paws gently kneeded the ground with excitment.

        “Scarletkit, you are a fine kit, playful, adventureous…” i knew that she was referring(adventurous) to when i ahd slipped out the nursery and out of camp wihtout anyone noticing. I had found a fox hole, luckly, abandoned. I had scared my mother half to the death. “Now it is time that you are made an apprentice.” cresent star continued. “Under the watch of star clan, i give you your apprentice name. Scarlet kit, you shall be known as scarlet paw from now on. Now, you mentor is to be feather shine.” feather shie had been a good friend of my mother’s. they ate together, slep together, and even hunted together. She looked shocked as she padded towards me. but pride shown in her dark, green eyes.” May star clan show you a lighted path. dismissed.” all cats crowded around me. Chanting my new name. “SCARLET PAW! SCARLET PAW!” once all the cats had vanished from aroud me and had retreated ot their dens, cresent star trotted up to me wiht a plump jucy vole dangleing from her jaws. ” Here.” she said. I knwo i couldn’t except it, with leaf bare near. the clan had needed it more. ” i- i can’t” i replied, scared of her respnse. “no, take it, i know you mother would have wanted you to.” i sighed. ‘yes cresent star.” i clamped the vole in my jaws and padded over to the apprentce’s den. It seemed so unfamilier. I was greeted by my new name when i entered the den. One of the other apprentices showed me a place to sleep right by her. i ate the vole and soon found myself being cragged into sleep.

      • FATS FORWRAD, 5 MOONS, I AM BEING APPRENTICED. your apprentice had become a warrior now… now robinswift

        “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please join me under high rock for a clan meeting!” Cresent star yowled form where she stood on the high rock. All cats, form warriors to kits gathered under the great accient rock. “we are gathered here to name a very important kit, a apprentice.” yowls of happiness boomed form the clearing filled wiht clan cats.

        “scarlet kit, please step forward.” cresent star asked calmly. I scrammbled from my mother’s side. Walking through the cats as they parted that lead a path to the base of the high rock. I stood, waiting, waiting for my apprentice ship to be made. my paws gently kneeded the ground with excitment.

        “Scarletkit, you are a fine kit, playful, adventureous…” i knew that she was referring(adventurous) to when i ahd slipped out the nursery and out of camp wihtout anyone noticing. I had found a fox hole, luckly, abandoned. I had scared my mother half to the death. “Now it is time that you are made an apprentice.” cresent star continued. “Under the watch of star clan, i give you your apprentice name. Scarlet kit, you shall be known as scarlet paw from now on. Now, you mentor is to be feather shine.” feather shie had been a good friend of my mother’s. they ate together, slep together, and even hunted together. She looked shocked as she padded towards me. but pride shown in her dark, green eyes.” May star clan show you a lighted path. dismissed.” all cats crowded around me. Chanting my new name. “SCARLET PAW! SCARLET PAW!” once all the cats had vanished from aroud me and had retreated ot their dens, cresent star trotted up to me wiht a plump jucy vole dangleing from her jaws. ” Here.” she said. I knwo i couldn’t except it, with leaf bare near. the clan had needed it more. ” i- i can’t” i replied, scared of her respnse. “no, take it, i know you mother would have wanted you to.” i sighed. ‘yes cresent star.” i clamped the vole in my jaws and padded over to the apprentce’s den. It seemed so unfamilier. I was greeted by my new name when i entered the den. One of the other apprentices showed me a place to sleep right by her. i ate the vole and soon found myself being dragged into sleep.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Come on Scarletpaw! I’m going to show you around our territory”, I called in the apprentice den. Scarletpaw shot out of the den, eyes bright and excited. I purred. She was so unlike Robinswift, who, when she was an apprentice, used to stagger out of the apprentice den fur all ruffled and in a sour mood. I took Scarletpaw to the Shadowclan and Riverclan borders, as well as Snakerocks and the sandy hollow. We finished at Sunningrocks and laid there for a rest. Trouble soon came, however, when Riverclan warriors crossed the river and stepped into Thunderclan territory. “Sunnningrocks is ours Feathershine! You are on Riverclan territory!” Streamwater announced. I realized that she was the Riverclan deputy, and that I was no match for her battle skills. Still, I couldn’t back down so easily. “Oh yeah? Crescentstar claimed this territory as ours! The river is the border, and the rocks on our side!” “You know the story Feathershine! Sunningrocks once belonged to Riverclan before the river diminished to the size it is now. It used to be on our side!” Splashwhisker spat. I couldn’t fight this entire patrol alone, and Scarletpaw doesn’t know any battle moves. I tried backing away but bumped into another Riverclan warrior behind me. “Going somewhere?” he challenged. I looked around. We were surrounded!

      • I hissed. Why where they doing this, this is blade clan territory! “You- you can’t do this!” i spat. “oh really, pathetic apprentice!” a brown tabby tom hissed rasped. He reached his claw out and swiped my nose. claws unsheathed! “OW!” I yowled in pain as blood gushed out of my nose. I gave a yowl. I heard yet another yowl back. Me and another kit had made a alarm when we were in the nursery. When you give a surten yowl, the other gets 3 warriors and takes them to you. Right away, 3 warriors and my best friend bursted out of the bush. Hissing in fury. “good job… russet paw.” i muttered so only he could hear it. “any time.” he smiled. “Now what is this?” tiger spirit growled. he was the strongest of the warriors, i was always suprised that he was not the deputy. His muscles rippled under his orange tabby pelt. “river clan, wanting, sunning rocks.” Feather shine said.

        “huh, that’s not gonna happen.” dust shade retorted. Tiger spirit let out a battle yowl, suddenly all cats from both clans plunged together.

        The Battle Has Begun.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I wanted to teach the Riverclan warriors a lesson, but I couldn’t disobey Tigerspirit’s orders to take Scarletpaw and Russetpaw back to camp. “Follow me” I hissed to them and slipped out of the battlefield when I saw all the Riverclan warriors busy wrestling with our warriors. I took the long way back to camp. Better safe than sorry. All three of us exploded out of the gorse tunnel, triggering a sense of worry from our clanmates. I ordered the apprentices back to the den despite their whining and told Crescenstar to send more warriors to Sunningrocks. I led the reinforcements to battle. There wasn’t a chance of Riverclan winning this battle, but I had misjudged the odds. Riverclan had sent reinforcements too. What had started as a small tussle had become a full scale battle!

      • I scrambled to my nest. WOrried about my new mentor is settled, still feeling unsettled in my nest. My friend, shadow paw rubbed her head against my flank, trying to comfort me, but it was not helping at all. “it’ll be ok.” she said, sadness and worry paley shining through her eyes. I rested my head on my paws and soon found myself in a deep sleep.

        i found myself in a hollow log. Cold clinging to my fur. I knew this was a dream, because i ust saw a hedge hog with wings swoop by. “huh, i wish that happened in real life.” i muttered. I streched and slwly made my way out of the hollow log. “Welcome!” many voices boomed. But no cat was found, suddenly. ABout a dozen cats appeared out of the underbrush. “welcome, we, are starclan.” i gasped. Starclan? but only medicine cats and leaders spoke with star clan. Was i something special?

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        “Leapordstar”, Tigerspirit growled. The Riverclan leader bounded on top of a rock. “Sunningrocks is ours now Tigerspirit. Get you and your clanmates out our territory and we may show you some mercy. “Ha! Oh really? You better watch Leapordstar, Bladeclan can defeat you easily” Tigerspirit boasted and then muttered to Dawnblaze in a low voice, “Get Crescentstar here. This is serious.” Dawnblaze dipped her head and raced into the forest. “Riverclan! Attack!” Leapordstar yowled. “Bladeclan! Go and show them what you’ve got!” Tigerspirit ordered. The two forces clashed, and Sunningrocks once more had become stained with blood. I rammed into a Riverclan warrior and he smashed his head against a rock, stunned. I raised my paw with claws unsheathed to deliver a blow to his soft underbelly when another warrior jumped on my back and pinned me down. His fishy breath flooded my nose as he growled, “Don’t mess with my clanmate!” I tried to squirm out of his grasp but he had too good a grip on me. “Help!” I yowled, ashamed of getting in trouble so easily. I turned my head and saw Eagleflight rushing towards me, only to be thrust into battle with another warrior. The Riverclan cat’s claws were digging into my fur. I felt him grab me by my scruff and pull me into the water. No! I am not going to die by drowning, I thought. Even so, I felt the cold icy water touch my pelt. I tried to escape, but the Riverclan warrior had the advantage here. Water combat was not a skill taught to Bladeclan warriors. There was no hope left, no chance of escape. My whole body was submerged in water now and my lungs were beginning to ache. I needed air. I decided to stop struggling and go limp, so the Riverclan warrior could reach the shore quicker. I was barely conscious when we reached Riverclan territory and dragged into their camp.

      • i was a nerveous as ever. the group of warriors had not come back yet and I was pacing through the den. Suddenly a cat bursted through the gorse tunnel. Dawnblaze. One of the fastest cats in the clan. “HELP! HELP! RIVER CLAN TOOK THE WARRIORS! TO THEIR CAMP! HELP!” cresent star apeared out of her den in a flash and already apeared by dawn blaze ready to go disguss what leopard star was doing to her clan. “into their camp? are you sure.” she questioned dawnblaze. “i am sure.” he replied. “alright.” she turned to the clan and lept up onto the high rock. “All cats old enoguh to catch their own prey, please join my under high rock for a clan meeting!” her voice boomed over the clearing. All cats apeared at the bottom on the high rock. Eager to hear their leader speak. “River clan has tooken some of our clan as hostige.” gasps of fear escaped all the cats. “Just because they want sunning rocks. But we will not go down with out a fight! shadowclaw, buringfur, starlight, and sparrowswift. You will come with me, and SCARLET PAW!” she yowled down from the rock to me. i was the farthest away from the rock. “YES?” i asked. “you are coming with us, your mentor is with them too.” cresent star said. “dismissed.” she lept down from the high rock as all cats vanished from one big to tiny gossiping groups. The warriors she had called were already waiting for her and me by the tunnel. Cresent star padded to join them as soon as i arrived. “ok, now, we shall not start a fight, but we will if we have to. All we want is an explination for the hostiges and the wanting of sunnig rocks. But we will keep them. No matter what.” crsent star said. “ready?” she asked. “ready!” all the patrol cheered. “alright, come ‘on!” she disapearexd into the gorse tunnel. The patrol filing in after her. I was last. And i knew something they didn’t know, that something terribly wrong.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I tried hard not to scream in pain as Leopardstar’s claws sunk deep into my flank. I couldn’t move. My paws were each pinned down by a Riverclan warrior. Leopardstar had told me there were other cats taken as hostage, but they had escape. I could have escaped with them if I hadn’t passed out. Now there was no way out. “I’ll ask you again Feathershine: Where is Bladeclan camp?” I refused to answer. That would be betraying my clan. Leopardstar growled at my silence. She raked her claws across my body again. I gasped. It felt like fire, and I fought the urge to yowl miserably because that would give Leopardstar satisfaction and also alert my clan. They would come to find me, and then walk into the trap Riverclan had set for them. I couldn’t believe that Riverclan could be so cruel. This was definitely against the warrior code and Starclan would strongly disapprove. Leopardstar tortured me again and again, and finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I yowled in pain as she clawed me for the tenth time. Leopardstar grinned, “You can tell me where your camp is or you can keep on suffering until I’ve ripped your pelt off.” I shuddered. Now that was a frightening thought. My pelt was practically ripped off already. I felt shredded everywhere and the pain was unbearable. Just the sheer thought of what my body must have looked like would make me howl in distress. No one would come rescue me, that’s for sure. If my clan even came, they would be defeated by the Riverclan warriors hiding near the river, mainly because all of our best warriors were wounded in the battle earlier. The other clans don’t even know what’s happening and even if they did, it’ll take a matter of days for them to organize an attack at the heart of Riverclan. I prayed to Starclan. I wanted to die.

      • We bursted out of the reeds and stayed on the border of river clan. “Shall we?” cresentstar yowled.
        growls of revenge bubbl;ed from inside the patrol. I stayed silent. “OK! COME ON!” she charged on the stepping stones, steping lightly. Her clan mates following her. When we had all stepped foot onto the riverclan territory, my pelt prickled with fear. THEY had power over US now. We are now just little voles in their claws. Cresent star rushed inot the reeds, disapearing with her clanmates. We followed a riverclan trail, stale, but easy to follow. Then, up ahead. I could see a kind of reed clearing well hidden, but surely visable. “The camp!” i couldn’t help yowling out. “nice job scarletpaw, let’s go.” cresentstar commented. We circled the camp, growling low, and our eyes burning with hatred. We finally found the enterance. As we charged into the camp, shocked faces poured form all dens. But i was shocked even more. Infront of me, lay feather shine!

        he rbody laying motionless.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        Although I was barely conscious, I could scent my clan. They were here! Had they fallen into the Riverclan trap but defeated them? Or had they avoided the trap completely? I heard Leopardstar gasp in shock at how easily Bladeclan had infiltrated the camp, but she quickly composed herself and declared, “Sunningrocks is ours Crescentstar. If you agree to that statement, you can have your precious clanmate back.” She acknowledged me by kicking my wounds. I gritted my teeth. “But if you don’t…” Leopardstar pinned me down and raised her paw, claws unsheathed, ready to rip my neck open. Crescentstar hesitated for a long time. All the while I was trying to endure the waves of pain that kept coming and coming. Leopardstar was practically standing on me, and she was pretty heavy. Crescentstar, don’t save me, losing a warrior is nothing compared to losing a part of our territory that we rely on to survive, I pleaded. “Hurry up Crescenstar, I’m getting impatient”, and as if to show it, Leopardstar dug her claws deep into my pelt. I was going to faint. For once I agreed with Leopardstar and willed Crescentstar to make her decision quickly. I hoped she would see that there would be no use in saving me. My wounds were much to severe for Berryleaf to heal. I would just be another useless mouth to feed.

      • I growled in fury. That good for nothing, crowfoood smelling, foxhearted peice of mouse dung! She did not deserve to be a leader, she should be banished to the dark forest! I stred at her in horror as she raised her forpaw, ready to rip feathershine to badger food. “I’m getting impatient.” she hissed. “I made my desision.” cresentstar spat. Eyes glaring inot leopardstar’s. “We will keep sunning rocks, and our warrior, there shall be no fight today.” she said calmly. “Are you sur about that?” Leopardstar rasped. “Very.” cresentstar said sturnly. “Ok then, you and me.” Leopard star hissed. She slowly nsheathed her claws. Adn crouched, ready tp spring at cresentstar. I couldn’t hold myself. Anger and hatred bursting through me. I lpet towards leopard star, calws ready to dig inot flesh. She gasped in suprise. I knew that apprentices were no match for a fully trained leader, but Leopardstar was getting old, and every cat that was in a clan knew she was on her 2nd to last life. And she was not aware of my attack. Her clan stood in shock, not only form fear, but from real shock. Motionless and un-moving they stood. I toppled over onto Leopardstar, she was hissing in fury. “Oh! I’m sorry, does that hurt.” i hissed. Digging my claws into her flank. Blood flowed from her wound. Leopardstar grunted in apin, but she cruled her legs, and sprang me backwards. I landed on the other side of the clearing with a huge thud. My breath was tooken away form me. I closed my eyes, suddenly seeing a vision, my mother. She was not my mother though, she looked…looked different. Her eyes were glowing red, her claws were as long as my tail, and her lips curled back in a evil smile. “hello daughter, you know how i was said to have a power, right my kit?” “yes.” i replied, shaking with fear. “that power is the power to kill, my father was a bloodthirsty warrior, willing to do anything to gain power and the forest. nd you enherited some of that, now go, and save feather shine. She needs you.” my mother vanished in mid air. I shot open my eyes, and found that leopardstar was stalking towards me, ready to kill me with all her lives in needed. i growled. “Let’s get this over with.” “Agreed.” she spat back. I smiled and darted forward. I lept form the ground and landed ontop of her back hissing in rage. I bit down into her shoulder, i could feel the warm blood trickle down my muzzle onto her tan fur. I released her and sprang form her pack. She yolwed in pain and then collapsed onto the ground. Too stunned and wounded to move. I suddenly snapped back to reality and realsied what i had done. If i would have clwed her one more time, i would have been renamed as a murderer.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        Leopardstar was losing a life! I couldn’t believe it. My apprentice who hasn’t been taught any battle moves had defeated a clan leader! She must have inherited something from Scourge, I thought gravely. This could be bad. Scarletpaw cannot get too powerful. I heard Crescentstar scolding Scarletpaw, “What have you done? You’ve nearly killed a clan leader! You’ve made her lose a life! This battle was between me and her. It was not noble for you to intervene!” Despite her furious words, I could hear warmness and gratitude in her voice. Scarletpaw, a newly untrained apprentice, had saved an entire clan.

      • i shyed away form cresent star’s words… but, i could hear her voice had a tang of gratitude in her sturn voice. i smiled, ready to face my “unlikely” consiquence, from Cresentstar, leopardstar, and worst of all, starclan…

        sorry, Its short, no ideas, lol

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I opened my eyes and saw Crescentstar giving orders to leave Riverclan camp. I felt two warriors pick me up and that was when I noticed I couldn’t feel the lower half of my body. I was carried to the camp entrance. Every step the warriors took made me wince. This was going to be one uncomfortable trip. We exited the camp, leaving the shocked Riverclan warriors behind. I slept the rest of the way and woke up in Berryleaf’s den. He sniffed at me disdainfully. “I don’t know what Leopardstar did to you but your spine is broken right around your hip. There would be little chance of you ever walking again.” “Berryleaf, don’t scare her!” said Scarletpaw, who I just sensed was standing beside me. “Well, it’s true.” Berryleaf muttered, then added thoughtfully, “there might be a way to fix it though.” “Do it!” I ordered. I didn’t care how risky the procedure might be. I just wanted to walk again. “If you say so…Scarletpaw, go tell another warrior to help out here.” Scarletpaw was out of the den in a blink of an eye. She returned with Midnightshadow by her side. “Come Midnightshadow. I’ll tell you what to do. Scarletpaw, get out of the den. You don’t need to see this.” Scarletpaw obediently went outside. I heard Berryleaf and Midnightshadow whispering in the corner but couldn’t make out what they were saying. “Ok Feathershine, are you ready?” Berryleaf finally asked.

      • My eyes were wide with horror and worrie. What were they going to do to her! Were they going to click her spine back into place, or, something… something else!? But what am I to know, i’m only an apprentice. But if the procedure goes wrong, then my mentor would be cripled the rest of her life. I sighed, i just hope berryleaf know what he’s doing.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I nodded yes. Even that slight movement burned like fire. I couldn’t wait to get better. I was lying flat on my stomach and felt, rather than saw, Midnightshadow press his paws down on my shoulders. I couldn’t resist yowling in pain even though I knew that doing so would only worry the clan. Berryleaf placed a thick piece of bark between my teeth. “Bite down on it if you have an urge to scream out loud”, he instructed, and then to Midnightshadow, he said, “Harder.” I felt his strong putting more pressure on my shoulders and was already biting down on the piece of wood hard. “Good, now keep doing that while I try to snap her spine back into place, but first, here’s some poppy seeds to ease the pain. I dropped the wood to lap up the seeds and then grabbed it in my jaws again. I saw Berryleaf move behind me. He grabbed my rump with his teeth and pulled while at the same time he pushed with his paws at my hip. The bark in my teeth was reduced to splinters. The pain was unbearable! It felt like a red hot flame racing up my spine, thorns pricking me from all directions, razor sharp claws slicing through my pelt… Just when I thought I would start seeing flying hedgehogs, I heard a loud snap, and the pain died down. I still felt stiff and numb, but I was no longer crippled. I heard Midnightshadow purr, “You did it!” I don’t know if he was talking to me or Berryleaf, but I felt pretty proud at enduring all that agony. “You can spend the night here Feathershine. Even though I’ve fixed your spine, you still need a lot of rest. No more warrior duties for the next moon”, Berryleaf ordered. “What?! For an entire moon!” I whined. Berryleaf nodded sternly. I sighed, at least it was better than the alternative, which was probably being crippled for life. I said thanks to Midnightshadow for helping and sank into the nest for a well deserved rest…

      • I was looking around the camp, the wonder bubbling out through my eyes. I couldn’t stop thing about if they were gonna hurt her or not, but what ever they do, i’ll make sure they do it right.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        I opened my eyes. I had slept uncomfortably last night, partly because of the different feel of the nest, but also because I was worried of the days to come. I just couldn’t imagine not helping my clan for an entire moon, despite Berryleaf’s orders. It would be so…boring. I was pleading with Berryleaf to at least let me out of the medicine cat’s den when Scarletpaw walked in. Her eyes widened when she saw me in presumably perfect shape. I purred at her reaction. “What? Thought I was dead?” I nuzzled her playfully. “No, but I thought they were gonna try to fix you but do it wrong so you would never walk again”, she replied. “Now, where would you get that idea from?” Berryleaf accused mockingly. Scarletpaw stared at her paws, “Um…..” I saved her from explaining by asking, “You want to go out to the clearing? We could sit on the rocks in the sunshine.” Scarletpaw nodded eagerly. “Now, if only Berryleaf would agree…” I hinted. “Fine, fine, just don’t hurt yourself, understand?” Berryleaf snapped. I silently thanked Starclan and rushed out of the den with Scarletpaw.

      • i padded along side of my mentor… “so, when will you teach me those fighting moves you prmised?” i asked eagerly. “Oh, um, Scarltpaw, i have to tell you something.” We both trotted into the warm patch of sunshine, i purred with the warmth tugging at my night lack pelt. “Tell me what?” i asked as feathershine and i both sat down in the warmest place. “i have to tell you that… that i can’t mentor you for the next moon, because berryleaf said i need to rest from warrior duties because of my ingury… i’m sorry.” I sighed, i was disappointed, but who could not be? “Really? or are you just playing a joke on me?” I questioned. “NO joke.” she explained. SIGH “aww, alright, i guess no fighting moves then?” “no, no fighting moves until the next moon.” feathershine replied. “ok.” my shoulders sagged and my tail drooped as i departed form the sunshine and feathershine. “ok, i am going to go get some sleep, see you later!” i called over my shoulder. I couldn’t help but wonder who my new mentor would be for the moon. Suddenly, i heard a yowl sound from the great rock. I turned my head to see cresent star standing there… waiting to adress the clan. “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please join me under highrock for a clan meeting!” she yowled. My whole clan gathered around the base, and through the crowd of cats i could make out the dark, marron pelt of my friend, russetpaw, i slowly made my way past the anxious glares of cat to him. I rubbed my head at his flank, we both purred and sat up in attention.

        Cresentstar began… “As you all know by now, that from the inguries feathershinehas accountered, that you think she will not be ok, but berryleaf, as great as ever…” giving him a quick glanse. ” fixed her right up, but one sid effect has accured. She will retired form her warrior duties for 1 moon, and she has an apprentice.” I realised that no gasps of shocl bubbled form the clan, i guesss that the word must hav sprted around quickly.

        “Scarletpaw, will have to take in a new mentor, scareltpaw, do you wish to wait until feathershien is well enough to mentor you once again, or do you want another menotr for this moon?” she kindly asked. I lokked over at my current mentor, she looked tired and worn out. feathershine gave me an approving nod, and i faced the leader once again. “I would ike to be asigned a new mentor.” i stated. I could feel the clan’s eyes resting on me, my pelt prickled with fear of who it would be, there are cats thta i trust, and ones that are just plane myterious, and you shoudl never trust with your life. “Alright then, Scarletpaw, your new mentor for the moon is to be Ravenclaw.” she announced, i winsted as she spoke ravenclaw’s name, he was just made a warrior 1 moon ago, but, i sighed. I guess i’ll give hima chance. I smiled and padded to meet the brown atbby tom in the front of the crowd. HIs muscles rippled under his pelt. He was a muscular blue-grey tom with all his paws, solid night black. I touched noses with him, excitment shooting through me, he may just do. He smiled back at me. “i think this could work.” he wispered. I think he could read my mind. “dismissed!” cresentstar said and lept down fomr the highrock. Ravencalw tunred away form me and then walked into the warrior’s den. I smirked, excited to see what he will teach me.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        Ravenclaw was a young warrior, but skilled all the same. Scarletpaw will learn much from him. However, there was one fact about Ravenclaw that Crescentstar chose not to share. Ravenclaw was Scourge’s nephew, and Ravenfeather’s half-brother.

      • i padded over to the apprentice’s den, eager for my next training time. I closed my eyes and rested my head on my paws, and soon slipped into a deep, dream-filled sleep.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        The next day I dragged myself around camp, bored beyond belief. Even the thought of cleaning the elders’ dens seemed inviting. Ravenclaw and Scarletpaw had left camp at sunrise and hadn’t come back since. I was growing worried. It was nearly sunset; they should have at least returned for a meal. I decided to wait a bit longer before I reported to Crescentstar. Moonhigh came, and along with it, anxiety. I padded to Crescentstar’s den. “Come in”, she called. The den was warm and comfy inside. Crescentstar sat in her nest in the corner of the hollow. “I haven’t seen Ravenclaw and Scarletpaw ever since they left for training at sunrise. Something has gone wrong.” “You worry too much Feathershine, they’re probably just fell asleep. After all, the first day of training is always exhausting for mentor and apprentice alike”, Crescentstar dismissed. I refused to put down my argument, “But…” “Go to sleep Feathershine. They’ll be back tomorrow.” There was an edge to Crescentstar’s voice so I dipped my head and walked out into camp. If Crescentstar wasn’t going to help, then I will. There was a secret way out of camp behind the apprentices’ den. Ravenfeather and I used to hide there when we were kits. The tunnel was narrower now that I had grown, but I still managed squeeze my way out into the forest. I parted my jaws. No scent of Ravenclaw or Scarletpaw. Where could they be?

      • We were padding along windclan border when Ravenclaw said to me “lets stop and rest for a bit.” So… we did, and i guess we might have falllen asleep, because when i woke, the moon was high, shining brightly in the pale glow silverpelt. “huh?” i asked to myself, then i remembered that we HAVE to get back to the clan. I stood, and found ravenclaw, barely visable through the gloomy blur of night. I nudged him gently on his shoulder with my muzzle. “wake up.” i whispered in his ear. He woke, looking stunned and suprised. But he sat up and gave me a gentle nod, telling me to follow. He disapeared into the bracken and i followed, soon we arrived at camp.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        My ears pricked. I heard a noise a few tail lengths away. I opened my mouth, and sure enough, the scent of Ravenclaw and Scarletpaw flooded my senses. “Ravenclaw! Scarletpaw!” I called. “Is that you Feathershine?” a voice answered. I accidently bumped into a cat. It was Ravenclaw. “What were you guys doing out here so late? I’ve been worried sick!” “Sorry, we fell asleep”, Ravenclaw mewed, “Let’s hurry back to camp.” As I padded along, doubt edged my thoughts. Ravenclaw wouldn’t have just “fallen asleep”, he must be up to something. Besides, when I bumped into them, they were heading in the opposite direction of camp.

      • We were padding along back to camp hen ravenclaw said that he would go ahead and hunt, i repliedwith a curtise nod and let him go. I passed the giant boulder that lay in the center of the territory when i heard ravenclaw call my name, i raced forward, afraid. But when i met up with him, feathershine was there, and her face was deffinetly NOT hiding her worries. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!” she continued for about what seemed like a moon. “I fell asleep, and so did ravenclaw.” i said, but featherhsine glared at ravenclaw, suspition blazing in her eyes. “alright, but just… make sure you dont fall sleep next time.let’s back to camp.” we followed her, but i slipped bhind, soon we arrived at camp. Then i saw feathersine waving her tail at me to follow, “good night ravenclaw!” i said” night.” he replied, and i peeled off to go meet feathershine. “What…” i asked “Are you sure ravenclaw was asleep? i mea, when you fell asleep.” she asked. I was shocked by her uestion. Suprised even more. “wha-what?” I questioned, she was confusing me. “Are you sure ravenclaw fell asleep with you?” “Yes- yes i am.” “SURE…?” feathershine asked once more. “YES!” i rasped just above a whisper. “alright, i trust you, and i believe what you say.” then she padded off, but i still wondered if she REALLY believed me.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        My suspicions about Ravenclaw grew ever stronger. The next day, I witnessed Ravenclaw and Scarletpaw going out to hunt at sunrise and come back at sunset with a mere vole and mouse. They were definitely up to something. I tried conferring with Scarletpaw, but she claims to not know anything. Finally, one day, I decided to sneak after them when they exited the camp early in the morning.

      • PAUSE!!! what do you want ravenclaw and i to be doing?


      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        idk, u can make up what you’re actually doing, but Feathershine suspects u to be betraying the clan especially since you guys are Scourge’s kin

      • i slipped out of camp with ravenclaw, but before we left we snuck into berrynose’s den and grabbed some coltsfoot and we raced out of camp. “Ravenclaw? why are we even helping them, its their problem, not ours.” i said. we are helping them because the we-” he stopped me. “not talking, just come on…” we treked up through the woods abd ey need it, riverclan is in need of herbs, and leaf bare is near, we need to help them.” he stated “but wert we trained to beyal to only our clan, and ours only?” “yes, but these cats need us, come on, oakfur and falcon tear will be waiting.” i nodded and we trekked on. until we came to what we thought was crowfood, but we had made a big mistake.

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        srry, I was in China for two weeks.

        I picked up their scent easily; they hadn’t bothered to disguise their trail at all. Following my senses, I realized that they were heading towards the Windclan border. This has got to be trouble, I thought. When I reached the border, I had expected them to be in a middle of a confrontation with Windclan cats since they have been patrolling this border a lot lately, but their trail shows that they have crossed the scent line easily and continued on into Windclan territory. Knowing that all clan cats were allowed in another clan’s territory as long as they were within three tail lengths of the lake, I hopped across the stream marking the border. Thank Starclan Ravenclaw and Scarletpaw had obeyed the rules and had not wandered away from the shore. I followed their scent some more and found myself in Riverclan territory. This time, I could tell they were found by a Riverclan patrol because of the mingled fresh scents. The group had headed deep into Riverclan territory, however. “Oh no”, I groaned. I spotted another Riverclan patrol nearby and waved my tail to signal them. “I’m looking for Thunderclan warriors Ravenclaw and Scarletpaw. Have they passed this way?” “Oh yes, they’re in our camp right now. They’re just delivering some coltsfoot to Mothwing. Half our clan’s lives are saved thanks to them!” a warrior named Minnowtail purred. Coltsfoot! I knew I smelled some kind of medicine in Ravenclaw’s scent, but I had never been good with herbs. “I’ll just wait here for them”, I replied just as warmly. “Ok, they won’t be long” and Minnowtail vanished into the reeds with his patrol.

      • hey karen? do you mind if we kinda end the rp.. im sooooo sorry… i just kinda dont have enough time… but we may be able to start it back up in the fall… cause ill have time after school but i dont now. Cause of my camps and activities… again im so sorry.. 😦


      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        oh it’s fine. i’m busy too, but we CAN’T lose contact. talk to ya when school starts! 😀

      • I promise we wont KAren… have a wonderful summer!

      • Karen Loves Animals says:

        lightningblaze or willowbreeze are awesome names too

    • hey karen, if you check your blog every night, reply every night to me plez, thankx, talk to you soon!


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